Wesley Herrington Apartments
1400 Herrington Rd
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
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Jonathan Lee
4 weeks ago
First of all, this is an apartment complex; if you expect perfection, home ownership should be your choice. I lived on the third floor very close to the office. I cannot underestimate how I--and my rat terrier-- loved my apartment. Sure there are noise problems on occasion. But all apartments have them. Throughout my experience, ALL OF THE STAFF, were always there for me. Madeline--such a sweetheart--rented me the apartment and was always available to handle my needs, or complaints--which were always handled professionally and promptly. I lost my job and had to eventually break my lease to move out. Again, Madeline, with Heidi's help--treated me with respect and courtesy. They made me feel so comfortable through the whole process. They helped me get on a small payback plan to take care of anything that I owed. I quickly paid off what I was owed and we have been in touch letting me know that Wesley wanted me back as a renter, no questions asked. To the office: Thank you for the absolutely wonderful time that I had living at your property. To the maintenance staff: thank you for always being prompt, courteous, and always smiling while on duty. At this moment I am considering moving back home--Lawrenceville--and Wesley will be my first choice. Yours truly, 3rd floor waiter
Andy Young
4 months ago
Great community! Safe, secure, and attractive place with professional staff who went out of their way to be helpful throughout the entire process. Leasing agent (Rashad) was more than helpful, patient, and friendly. He made me feel right at home from the moment I walked into the office.
Nathan Garner
2 months ago
The property is clean and beautiful, especially in the spring and fall! Very easy to navigate through the neighborhood. Everyone in the club house was soooo helpful and easy to talk to! Great central home base for all of Gwinnetts amenities! The pool area is where I would spend my time on the weekends, very accommodating!! (:
Brenda Abby
2 months ago
This place is not safe. My husband and i went to look at apartments in October so we could move in around April. We considered it at first. Then we found out they lied about their crime stats. I found out there was a double homicide in the complex exactly a year ago. They still have not found the people who did it. They said you must pass a background check to live here. Yet, they allowed a 21 year old with 22 criminal cases against him from Chicago to move in. That individual killed my friend. Had they done their job with the background check, this may not have happened. My friend was working as a delivery driver when they robbed and killed him. I have also heard from residents that management doesn't care and that there are also break in around the apartments (inside the "gated" community) Don't live here. There's so much better and maybe other people won't lie. Speak to an officer or local pizza delivery drivers to ask about areas you're considering. At least they will be honest since they work those areas.
Cosmo Chix
3 months ago
Wow I have been living in Wesley Herrington From June 2015 and can say nothing but great things about Wesley Herrington, The Staff from The Manager Heidi, And Madilyn, And J and Alex, and I know The Other wonderful Office Leasing Agents, Anytime I ask for assistance with Anything or request a service, I get smiles and warm hearts, Very Professional , very hands on. J has been so nice in handling anything from faxing off paper work to just being an all around good person, Madilyn alway so sweet and informative, Heidi always solves the issues , i cant say enough of about how professional they handle things around here, its a great place to live and i enjoy my apartment. they really made my transition easy moving up from Savannah, thanks for everything Cheron Turner 10302
Yirson Leonel
3 months ago
Me encanta Los apt tengo 3 anos viviendo aqui. Recomiendo al leasing agent Alex muy servicial
Augustine Brandon
4 months ago
Moved in about 6 months ago. I really like the apts. very nice kitchen. Office staff is great and always help me with whatever issue I have. I would recommend this apt complex. My wife and I was a little nervous with some of the reviews we read but since I been here I haven't have any issue. My leasing agent(rashad ) is great. A+++
Gerardo Peña Castillo
4 months ago
the wesley herrington is a good apartment, and the worker's too, in special alex vazque
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