Wesley Herrington Apartments
1400 Herrington Rd
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
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Warren Bridges
a week ago
very nice apartments ,great pool area however the lack of professionalism by the leasing office staff made my decision not to renew my lease here , extremely rude manager in training not to mention you can never get them on the phone , personally i would recommend living here however i would also recommend changing your staff in the office . their a little to comfortable and you can tell they hate their jobs . Anna was great however
Jackmerius Tacktheritrix
a month ago
HORRIBLE experience living here. Gates are always broken, staff is rude. Maintenance is alright, timely, but can't fix what needs fixing. Dangerous. People were shot in their apartment recently. Kids everywhere screaming. Pool is supposed to "close" at 9pm, but there is always a million kids there past 10pm making tons of noise. Will not recommend to anyone. DON'T LIVE HERE.
Jhon Alvarez
2 weeks ago
Unsecured place to live, security gate always open for other to take an advantage the pool and park areas. Noise y laud people when there's a party on the pool also there's no enough space for parking lot. Office people not professional at all. Last issue happen a dead people on the building i live is that call secure? better check background before rent to a criminals or bad people tired of this place.
Daniel Kiefer
5 months ago
Terrible place to live, Rent is to high for the property and everything that is so called "offered". I was eventually off of my lease and rent was up to $1400 in a three bedroom apartment, everything is done cheaply off the bat to get it "livable" by an outside company. The management was super nice to me right before I signed the papers to stay there, but once I did, all I ever got was a cold shoulder. I had to order a new dishwasher which they said would take a week to come in. Two weeks went by so I went to their front office to ask about it, in which they replied, "You never ordered anything." One of their managers actually had a confrontation with me in the parking lot about how I "almost hit him a month ago in my car on a public roadway." I had no idea what he was talking about, then he started to make threats and stated about how he could take me down. The whole time he was in his manager uniform. The front gate was constantly broken, rent fluctuated, information about work done in the parking lot wasn't properly handed out, etc. Only reason this can even get one star is that the maintenance crew was awesome, all extremely friendly, willing to chat with me, help me out when I needed it, and always gave me a friendly wave when I passed by them. This place sucks though, managers are the worst people I've ever met. Oh, and to anyone that reads this review, I lived there from August 2012 to February 2014 on the south west side of the complex. I had the really loud grey car with the obnoxiously colored wheels. Sorry for waking you up every morning at 6am, but thanks for being cool with it.
Paul Burdis
3 months ago
I was very disappointed that Wesley Herrington raised my rent two years in a row. Because I didn't sign a new lease, due to buying a new house, they also charged me an additional $120 a month. After I moved out, they gave me a final bill of $590. $125 of that was for removing my Satellite Dish. They could have told and I could have done this myself but they only wanted more money.
Nat J
9 months ago
The apartment looks nice and the guy who works in the office is super nice. However; I am currently leasing and can't wait to move. I have been hearing gunshots at night and dangerous dog are allowed. A lady walks a bull mastiff every morning and she can barely control the thing. I can hear the dog barking and her screaming at it. Also, it is true dog crap is visible and is within the parks. Many less than desirable neighbors are moving in and they are very noisy. It is true that the gates are always broken and are open; so it is not truly a gated community. Besides the gates; something has been broken since the date I moved into my apartment but I am near the end of my lease; thank goodness.
Daniel Noel
7 months ago
On January 9th, 2015 the door to my apartment here was kicked in and robbed. They took everything of value, and when the apartment manager showed up he tried to say it was my fault. They quickly and shoddily reared the door, but after which time my key never worked again. We moved out Saturday since our lease was up the next day. After vacating the premises I received a bill saying I had stayed 5 days longer than was agreed, and that I had taken the shelves out of the fridge and the grease drip rack from the stove. The gates didn't work the entire year that I lived here, with some always open and other never opening. This is the worst apartment I have ever lived in and I have never felt so screwed in my life. Stay away at all costs.
Trusted Atlanta Photos
10 months ago
Property is very clean. They will fix any problem in 24 hours. You also pay your rent online (if you want) instead of drop check every single month at the office. The best pool in the area. It is a resort shaped (large) pool with amazing landscape all around. What I like the most about it, the pool is located at the center of the community instead of the back of the clubhouse. You also able to choose renovated units what looks great with granite and hardwood floors. Gates always work, very secure. I highly recommend. You won't find anything like that around this area. Gwinnett Tech Student here and very close to the Campus and Sugarloaf Mills Mall.
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