The Apartments at Woodfield Crossing
4700 Arbor Dr
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
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Lilya E
4 months ago
My family and I lived here for a year between 2011-2012. It was the worst year of our life. Pests, including mice and cockroaches. We complained the management, they used something that just killed those mice, so that we kept finding dead animals all over our apartment for a while after. Disguising, unsanitary conditions. Very poor maintenance. Noisy. Apartment buildings are so close to each other, you could hear people inside the apartment from the building across. No privacy. Management: extremely rude and useless, especially the manager, as far as I remember his name, James Addante. Maybe something had changed since it was couple of years ago. The place is not safe. Location might be good, but there is absolutely nothing within walking distance.
Virginia P
3 months ago
I read some ravews here below it is funny for me. Actually if you are not clean of course you will have cockroach in your house.... lol lol. I really love my apartment and condominium. The Womens who works at the office they are amazing helpful for everything you need. The Manager she is very nice person who helped me alot, she was honesty about all the process for rent and showed all the informations you need know before you decide sign the contract. Is mostly important thing for me! And i know i did the best decision on my life to choose this place! I can't believe people say bad things, well actually if you rent a place and don't care about anything probably is your problem not the apartment. I really recommended is a very nice area you have everything close for shopping, entrendiment and is quiet area
Siddharthan Kannan Ilangovan
5 months ago
Worst place I've ever lived!!! Loud Noise, poor maintenance, smells bad in the corridor, skulduggery management. False smile, Fake promises. I had to break the lease due to my work shifted to another state. They charged a penalty of 2500$ for breaking a lease. They don't value you as a human, All they need is your money.
Aaron Bubb
5 months ago
Where do I start? I've lived here for a month now and I regret my decision to move in here. The staff is very friendly when you go to apply for a lease and do a tour and they show you a very nice apartment. And that's where it stops. The first night there, I had a couple friends stay over and their car got towed because we parked one spot away from the visitor parking. I was not given a tour of the grounds or even my actual apartment when I moved in. They just gave me the keys because the pool party that was starting in an hour was apparently more important than a new resident. It's always extremely noisy and smells awful in the corridors. Trying to take a shower is awful as well. Goes from hot to cold to hot to cold multiple times during the course of 10 minutes, and sometimes the water pressure is non existent. The worst part is that, every night, the drain in my sink back washes. I can see bits of food and soap from who knows where. I won't put any food down the sink since there is no garbage disposal so I know its not from my apartment. And the smell coming from the sink is worse than anything you can imagine. I would move out and find a new place but, in order to do that, I would lose 2 months rent which is just north of 2 grand which I cannot afford. Don't let the pictures fool you on the website. I would think hard of searching for a place anywhere but here. Pay an extra $100 a month and you will be eternally grateful you did not have to live here.
Kaley Bahr
7 months ago
Don't ever judge an apartment off the pictures! They also use one apartment to show you that looks very nice, homey and very quiet. The apartment you will be renting however will be right next the busiest highway ever! You constantly hear traffic and when you don't hear the traffic your neighbors come out at night apparently to party. Also the other reviews are not kidding when they say this is a sketchy place! Police constantly patrol the area. At first I thought it was nice and I quickly realized why they are there. If you have kids and read that there is a park for them don't get excited. During the day the kids play on some ratchet playground that has 2 working swings and the rest is a rusted hazered waiting to happen. The pool is great however and I like that they have a baby pool, as a single mother it's one of the things I appreciate! The management is really never around don't even bother calling the office, because they will transfer you or just not pick up all together. There is a reason you need renter insurance to live here. But I will say the grounds are very well maintained, it is pet friendly and they have doggy bags all around the grounds. I read some reviews that said there is trash everywhere...well that's the people living there's fault not the management. The apartments themselves on the inside are not that bad. Mine had fresh paint and new carpet, but it is defiantly not what they showed me. My problems are more with the crowed of people that live here, the management, and the "playground". I give it a 3/5 because it could always be worse but they have things they need to work on!
Brandon Ratajczyk
a month ago
WORST PLACE EVER. Unsanitary conditions and they tow your car all the time. Expect $200 a week for constant towing even in visitor parking. I'm so sick and tired of this place. The neighbors are loud and party until 3am, I would be fine with this if the walls weren't paper thin! When you go out in the hallways it reeks of marijuana and alcohol. I'm out today!!
Mimi Noel
2 months ago
I was going to go over to this apartment tomorrow to take a look, since I'm looking for a new apartment to stay in. However, reading these horrible stories saved me the time and gas of driving to this complex. Thank you for the reviews.
Jessica Canales
9 months ago
I most definitely DO NOT recommend this place! I also made the mistake of believing the photos they post online but it looks nothing like it! The area is not at all what I expected, there are a lot of shady activities with police called out often. Everything is old and unkept, the common areas are dirty and hardly get cleaned. Maintenance requests put in through the leasing office staff don't get completed. They hardly ever answer the phone during regular hours, if I need to speak with someone I almost always have go to office which is difficult when you work late hours. The rent seemed cheap at first but with all the utilities added its ridiculous for the crappy place it is! Look elsewhere for sure!
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