Solano at Miramar
11700 SW 26 St
Miramar, FL 33025
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Traci Penn
3 months ago
Ashley helped my mother get into our new place!! Wonderful and great young lady 💖 Idk why these reviews so bad omg i love that place already and I'm not even there yet. I do however have a question regarding to the adolescents: how will students get in the complex of dropped off by buss? Thank you.
Chris Sherman
6 months ago
This a great community that I would highly recommend to everyone. Not sure why there are so many bad reviews, people need to read the lease terms more closely and follow the proper protocols when reporting maintenance items. I have rented apartments across South Florida and Solano has given me top-tier service and quality units every time. Love them!
Macalee Harlis Jr.
6 months ago
Stayed here for 15 months. Never fixed landscape after asking 1 week into lease. Said they had plans to fix it in the spring but never did. Prior to moving out asked about move out inspection and they said there was none. Moved out and left unit is same condition I received it in and they charged me 1k saying carpet needed to be replaced. Showed me pictures and carpet was fine. Tried to dispute charges and they said in order to dispute I would have had to dispute during moving out inspection which they told me at the time of move out that there was not. So long story short DONT stay here. Pursuing legal action now. Never been treated this way ever in my life.
Daniela Santobuono
3 months ago
Dont waste your time visiting those apartments. The welcome experience is so bad, we came twice, (with appointment), and we were not able to see them because they canceled the tour ... So rude... It wasnt even raining but it seemed like Ashley wanted to go home early. If Solano keeps treating his future residents like that, I wish them luck. Thank you for your horrible hospitality.
Milla Gayle
5 months ago
I've been here for six years. I used to love this place and now I can say I truly hate it. Not so much the building but I have made several complaints in the last six months, called the cops repeatedly about the new neighbors who insist on entertaining the entire building with their music and nothing has been done about it. The office gave me assurance that they will be addressing the situation on more than one ocassion and get here I am trying to watch TV and all I'm hearing is their loud ass non sense. I can't wait for my lease to be up so I can leave here. I miss the peaceful and quiet place solano used to be...almost $2000 in rent and I can't watch my on TV on a normal level.
Rose De La Torre
7 months ago
By far this community has been a great place to live in. I have been living here for 3 and a half years renew my lease 3 times for 15 month and just renew it again for the 4th time for 15 more month. I can honestly say that the service from the leasing office all the way to there maintenance staff is outstanding and they make sure everything is taken care of. Damaris and the staff in the leasing office greet you with a smile and they take care of you and your family. Benny and the maintances staff makes sure the job is done. I can't thank them enough for making my and my fiance experience living at Solano great. Without a doubt I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a place for their family. Thank you again
Nicolas Gonzalez
3 months ago
Awful service! Leasing agent on Sunday 6/12/16 want to home early so mentioned to us the office is closing 3:45 pm while the sign outside clearly states 4pm. By the way we arrived at 3:00 pm so she had plenty of time. Same service that you get in all Greystar properties... That's why this place keeps getting bad reviews... Sadly the buildings and the amenities are great.
Joseph Jean-Charles
a month ago
I am in complete disbelief from today's actions at Solano at Miramar. They were kind enough to offer free school supplies and by the time we got to the office they had run out of supplies (10 minutes later). The "Manager" was sitting in the lobby just watching, did not have the decency to apologize or communicate with us the residents, and just sat there with a rude face, having a personal conversation with what seems to be her "friend". Ignoring the fact that she did not have enough supplies. The office staff was kind enough to show some type of empathy and looked embarrassed. We pay ridiculous amount of rent here and the manager whom is very unprofessional and rude, she could not even pretend that she cared about the customers and the residents. She seems to put on a show like she has everything under control but it's very obvious she is a complete disaster!!
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