Eagle's Brooke Apartments
100 Malaga Way
Locust Grove, GA 30248
8 Google user reviews
Tara D'Aleo
3 months ago
Absolutely the worst place to live! The girl REBECCA never knows ANYTHING! I moved in January 24th, I have had MOLD in my dishwasher, Bath tub that didn't work! Had to wait over a week to get them to fix JUST the bath tub! The dishwasher was over a MONTH and I had to keep calling about it! Received EVERY excuse down to "I don't know" from the queen of I don't know REBECCA! Maintenance doesn't do anything, I have plenty of pictures to post to show just how bad my apartment was/still is! Never once did they offer to pay my water bill for the WHOLE month I had to hand wash dishes! In between waiting for them to do SOMETHING about the MOLD, they tried to bring me a USED/ MOLDED dishwasher from another unit at 5:45 one day. When they realized how long I had already waited for a dishwasher. Didn't slide by with me! Then the gates that haven't worked for FOUR MONTHS now, decided to get them HALF fixed and the exit gate slammed on my car door! Walked into the office and good ol Rebecca said " I'm sorry, I'll have maintenance look at it" as she walks off to go sit in the back! And that pretty pool in the picture...yea, dont let that NASTY/DIRTY thing fool you! Its broke/disgusting more then i have EVER seen it spotless! I don't know what they do in the office other then sit there, tell me the famous "I don't know" and eat chicken run! I'm so over this place! I will NOT resign my lease! Corporate office needs to really come in and get rid of EVERY last person in there! Need to get people who want to work and not sit and be lazy!
Tiandria Wright
9 months ago
Apartments are in tip-top shape. I've lived here for four years under two different managements and things have been great under both. Nice and friendly staff. The only con has been every year I've been here the rent has gone up about $50 dollars.
Chad Earnest
11 months ago
I have been living here since June. Never had an issue. The staff is always nice and takes care of anything i need. One of the girls in the office "Karen" answered every question i had before i moved in and has been AWESOME since Day 1 of my move in. The pool, the workout room, landscaping... all extremely nice. I give them 5 stars!
Trey Sheneman
4 months ago
we have had a great experience living here the last year. Only complaints are that the gates do not work quite often and we had some unruly tenants above us in our first apartment.
Brittany Williams
10 months ago
Beautiful courtyards and large size apartments.
Jen Morton
3 years ago
Never had a problem :) been here since the complex opened and love my apartment
A Google User
4 years ago
I've lived here for over a year and have had very few problems. The only problems so far have been the gates, which people run into with their cars and break, and the pool, but the complex tries to keep up with the influx of residents using it this year and it was closed a lot in June and July.
A Google User
4 years ago
We have lived here for 8 months...worst place ever. The girls in the office know nothing. We have a spider and ant issue and when we moved in it was filthy! Do not waste u money