Eagle's Brooke Apartments
100 Malaga Way
Locust Grove, GA 30248
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Alex Stovall
in the last week
Tomorrow is my last day in this horrible place. Management never fixed a single thing. They never fixed our bee problem which we had ever since we moved in. There are twenty bees right now sitting dead in my daughters room. They swarm around the deck so never could enjoy it. Took three weeks to fix our dishwasher. The gate was always broken immediately after it got fixed. Dumpster was always full and overflowing. Management does not care about your well being. Especially Ali. Do NOT move in here.
Jemeka Stallworth
2 months ago
I have videos and pictuers to show how NASTY this place was while I was living in the 3 bedroom apartment Five star to a negative 6. It was a very horrible place to live the maintenance was often not there or never employed which resulted in the property looking horrible with an overflow of trash, dog poop EVERYWHERE and maintenance and management did nothing about it. they would not honor their promises for guaranteed services as it relates to maintenance request. The security officer/officer was never available for emergencies as it relates to safety, it could have been because he was dating a woman that worked at the facility. Dont be surprised if a snake at the bottom of your step and you will be told that it is not their duty and to call animal control. You may enjoy skipping over dog poop every morning or the view of the overflow of trash. I knew that when I moved in and the carpet was nasty and had to be cleaned again prior to my move should have been a sign from above. They tried to stick me with paying for carpet that had been in the place before I got there and felt that I needed to pay for it even though they received a pet deposit. There is nothing like paying for a high price apartment with no place to even wash your car nor a park for your child to play. The swimming pool with the late night parties was an enjoyment... RUN stay if you enjoy the price changes on the apartment
Jason Blair
2 months ago
SO I had an employee move into Eagles Brooke. She was quoted a specific price. When she went to sign, it was higher than she was told. Since she moved in, she has contacted Mr. Harkness the VP of the property to explain what happend and copied the leasing office on email. Well, 2 days later the lady from the leasing office (supposedly Mr. Harkness’ assistant) tells her it's standard practice to quote low and not tell the potential tenant that "RENT COULD BE HIGHER" because, I quote, "IT WOULD DETER PEOPLE AND THEY WANT TENANTS"...Crazy stuff over there. So just beware.
Travis Elrod
2 months ago
Lived here for almost a year now and have really enjoyed my time here at Eagle's Brooke. The staff was always easy to get a hold of, very friendly, and seemed willing to help in any way possible. Only had 2 maintenance issues the entire time (missing silverware holder in dishwasher when I moved in and leaky HVAC when it came time to turn on AC in April) and both issues were fixed the same day and even received phone calls to make sure everything was fixed and still working days later. The gate is kind of a running joke because it seems to always be broken or breaks the same day its fixed. The location is quiet (Unless you live on the I-75 side I've heard) and private making it easy to go for a nice run with little to no traffic and I have even stumbled on random hiking/dirt bike trails near the entrance. I would have liked to renew my lease but the price jump was just too much for me to justify since I live alone. If I can find a similar situation when I move I would be very pleased.
Judy Gibson
3 months ago
Giving this complex a star is too much!!!!! To keep their complex full they let residents violate the lease. Not giving out citations or acting on criminal acts on the premise. Water bill is divided up by the tenants. So is you use less than others because your not there all the time you pay what the high use users are using. Dog poop is a MAJOR problem, again no one abiding by the lease. The security gate has barely worked in almost a year. Security guard isn't on the premise, they only come when you go through an act of congress to get them to come. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE PLACE TO RAISE A FAMILY!!!!!!!
Kai-Lin Viohl
7 months ago
We liked the apartments, they were very nice and modern. We got a great deal when we moved in and signed a lease for about 8 months. They warned us that our rent would go up when we resigned and we understood that. However, my friend down the way resigned her lease and it went up around 20-30 dollars. When we went to resign before our lease was up they wanted to raise our rent from 733 to 900 a month. Needless to say we did not resign and even asked the office staff about the ridiculous amount, there was not anything they could do. I mean the place is great but who can afford an extra 170 dollars on your rent...
Sarah Harding
3 months ago
Love living here! Friendly Office Staff, Clean Buildings and Excellent Maintenance. I definitely recommend this complex
Cassie Young
10 months ago
Since we moved in September of last year our family has had an issue with the office staff, not only not being punctual or answering the phones but also once gave me the wrong paper to sign and then added someone elses rent to our portal. The office staff is also stuck up and rude. A number of other things as well, my patio was supposed to be pressure washed the first week I moved in, after asking a number of times and it never happened I just quit asking. Our air filter in the AC unit hasn't been changed but once! and that was because it broke, and after I had someone come out they replaced it. The day we moved in I was output from moving at least 3 hours because even though they knew I was MOVING that day they had the carpet replaced that very day and told me when I got there it should only be 30 more minutes and ended up being 3 hours so I was forced to move mostly late evening. The gates NEVER work, when theyre broke its for months at a time. I do give them one thing, they keep the grass nice and LOVE to cut it at 7 am! FUN! We are not releasing.
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