Sombra Del Oso Apartment Homes
6000 Montano Plaza Dr NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120
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Anthony Padilla
a month ago
Great price but don't move here if you have a nice vehicle. This place claims to have a security team that patrols regularly and will look out for abandoned vehicles. Both are false. A number of cars have been stolen out of the lots and I've seen a escalade that was left without tires on cinder blocks. Also as far as the abandoned cars, a Black Lincoln Navigator stood unmoved outside building 17 for about a year and may still be there. If you can sleep well with any of that then you may consider it. I know I won't again.
Kenny Gonzales
5 months ago
I've lived here for 3 years and i cant complain Alyssia & Leahni have always been friendly and helpful. The price is good for the location. I'm grateful that washer/dryer are in my apartment and i can park my two vehicles under covered parking and they don't charge. Maintenance is friendly and good. I would recommend this place you get a great value
Kaeley Yocom
2 months ago
I loved it it was small but good enough for our family plus pretty cheap. Lived there for 10 1/2 years very pleased. However 1 negative thing is the repairs swamp cooler broke for over 3 months after about 4 visits to attempt to fix it never happened. however good pool and over all good service.
Mike Marler
4 months ago
Allyssia is amazing, very helpful, and informative. The property is also very well kept.. Cant wait to move in.
Michelle Larson
a year ago
I have had the greatest experience with Sombra's staff and management, I am truly happy that I have found them! I will admit that I am certainly not an easy person to deal with, however Jessica (manager) took me by the hand and found a way to satisfy my every need. Barry (the leasing agent) was so awesome--and she was right--I did fall in love immediately. If customer service and a must win-find a way, always smiling attitude are important to you, come and see them today! There is no doubt in my mind that I will be able to truly call this home--for they will always take care of me.
Will Martinez
a year ago
If I could give this place negative stars I would. We own two rental properties and were in between houses. We decided to save money and try this place. Well you get what you pay for ladies and gentlemen. Worst apartment I've ever seen. Swamp cooler was broken for nearly in a month. It was 90 degrees in our apt. We bought another house and decided to break our lease. No problem. They sent us the incorrect bill for the lease break. They said they would send a new one out but never did. We didn't hear from the for a while so we went over to pay the amount and they sent us to collections already. No 30 day notice, no call, nothing. Buyer beware, these guys will nickle and dime for everything. We pay all of our bills on time and Sombra Del Oso decided to send us to collections after never sending us a bill. Cheap in this case will cost you.
Lora Mondragon
a year ago
Do NOT recommend this place to anyone.Everyone I have spoken to that has lived here says they tack on unreasonable fees upon move out and send you to collections for them since the deposit is typically $1. They try to override the lease agreement by tacking on additional days and making you pay a greater pro-rated amount when leaving than your initial term. Not worth the move out hassle.
Kegan Clay
2 years ago
So fun!!! I hate looking for a new place to live, more than looking for a new car...but, I have to say I did have fun here. The price for the 2 bedroom is amazing for everything you get (most pumped about the washer/dryer).Just put the deposit down and I am so glad my hunt has ended. Check it out!!
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