RiverWalk at Puerta de Corrales Apartment Homes
3405 Calle Cuervo NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114
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Sarah Velasquez
a week ago
I love my apartment here! We have a two bedroom at the back of the property, so it's very quiet. My patio view is of grass and trees. The landscaping is really pretty and well-maintained. Parking is great, the pool areas are awesome for grilling, and I love the office staff. They're always super friendly and helpful. My work orders get done right away, and they follow-up to make sure it's done. I haven't had any problems since living here. It's the first apartment I've had that actually feels like a home and not an apartment. I love it here!!
Katie Lane
a week ago
My family and I love it here, the community is so peaceful and clean. The office staff is great they work so hard to make sure all of there residents are taken care of. I feel like I on vacation when I'm home. This is the best community I have ever lived in.
Leta Quesada
a month ago
I have been living at RiverWalk Puerta de Corrales apartments for over 1 - 1/2 years and just extended my lease for another year. The apartments are nice and roomy with large master bedrooms. All apartments have a patio and some have storage areas. The courtyards and surrounding areas are green with grass, shady trees, and shrubs. It’s so nice to walk out my door and not see asphalt and cars. There are two pool areas that are always clean and kept secured from the public. Pool areas have nicely furnished cabanas and each have two big gas grills you can access anytime. The staff is very friendly and and very responsive to your needs or work orders to fix repairs. Maintenance staff is usually there same day or early next day. Residents are very friendly and get together to sit in the courtyards with their cute little dogs. It is peaceful and quite. Many professions live here. I have not encountered any loud and obnoxious people living here.There are over a dozen eateries and shops within walking distance. Flying Star, Il Vecino’s, Freddy’s, Chipolte’s, Sprouts Market just to name a few. There is a Starbucks close by too. With the beautiful weather here many times I leave the car at home and walk to go out to eat or do my shopping or go for walks at the various walking trails. The Abq. Bus Transit station is nearby if you would like to use public transportation. One of the best apartment areas to live at. Don't let the few bad reviews keep you away. Those who wrote them probably had issues and wouldn't be happy anywhere. Come and visit!
Noelle D
3 months ago
This complex used to be nice; but after having urine poured down onto my balcony from the upstairs neighbor twice in the last year, not so much anymore. It's Animal House at the trailer park. Nothing was done; no apologies, no action against the tenant who can't discern a balcony from a bathroom....nothing. They do not enforce the pool policies and there are drunks out there in the middle of the night all summer long. Parents allow their children to urinate in the landscaping around the pool rather than take them ten yards to the restroom at the pool. Tenants leave bags of kitchen garbage outside their front door for days on end. Nice to see in the morning, but no one cares. It's noisy and the management doesn't care about that, either. If you call security at night for a problem, they may or may not show up, it apparently just depends. DO NOT LIVE HERE.
Margaret Chambers
2 months ago
I've lived here for about a year and would have stayed longer, if I wasn't taking a job in another city. I love it here! The grounds are beautiful, the staff in the office are so friendly and helpful. Plus, it's so quiet and peaceful!!! The men and women in maintenance are awesome! (I had a problem with my oven's temperature and it was fixed immediately...) They are always working so hard!!! I also have to give a shout out to the landscaping people, they do wonderful job. Riverwalk is by far, better than my prior apartment, over at The Core Vistas. I never encountered and pests-maybe a mosquito here and there but that's not the Riverwalk's fault! LOL It was such a pleasure to live here and if I come back to Albuquerque, I assure you that I will come home to Riverwalk!
Lynne Menefee
4 months ago
After almost a year at Riverwalk, I'm delighted with the place. The grounds are lovely and carefully manicured; apartment maintenance is done well, as soon as I ask for it; the facilities are great, especially the many walking paths; and the staff is always smiling, courteous, and hard-working. For example, today Gina Corbin gave me a hand solving an emergency that my sister was having - in Maryland! They make my life easy. Add to that their great amenities, and the amazing convenience of living here (within walking distance I have everything from a French bistro to grocery stores to movies to veterinarians to...you name it). And it's quiet Riverwalk is the best!
Julia Zaragoza
6 months ago
Needs improving! My mom has lived here for 6 months. I came over to do laundry for her, while she was out of town, and the first thing I noticed was, the brunette woman in the office, where the laundry card machine was, was awfully rude. I greeted her and she completely ignored me. I work in sales, I know what a positive interaction is like. Lastly, all the bugs are horrible. I saw a couple black widows in the laundry room and the apt! Talk about scary!!! Cockroaches, daddy longlegs, mosquitos, water bugs, etc... All around, this place has potential just needs major work on the staffs part.
Ahmad Grayeb
7 months ago
My first time looking for an apartment and I made the grave mistake of choosing Riverwalk. That saying "Don't judge a book by its cover." plays a big roll in this. Don't let their location and "awesome stainless steel appliances! " fool you. They're the most unprofessional employees I have ever met. They told me that I needed to put in a deposit and application in including my pay stubs, so I did. They next day they needed my pregnant wife's application and school schedule so I left work early to do so. The next day they needed a cosigners application and pays tubs. The very next day they needed they cosigners husbands application and pays tubs. They told me that we needed to make 3x the rent, then they told my cosigner that we needed to make 5x the rent. Having us go back and forth, wasting gas, time, and money. I had to leave work early several times or else we wouldn't be able to get one, all for a one bedroom apartment(which they showed it to us smelled like cigarettes, they said "it's the chemicals from the new carpet."... The carpet was stained.. It wasn't even close to new. Overall it was a terrible experience with them and I'm glad we didn't get the apartments. I got a full refund on the deposit fee and application fees. The stress they put on me and my pregnant wife is unforgettable.
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