Auston Chase Apartment Homes
59 Summerlake Cir
Ridgeland, SC 29936
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Judith Soderlind
a year ago
I would definitely NOT recommend this apartment complex. We had a 6 mo lease and it was very expensive. The apartment we rented was quite DIRTY when we moved in with nasty appliances that were from the dark ages!. With them EVERYTHING is about money!There are NO light fixtures in any of the bedroom ceilings thus the apartments are DARK; if you want to put in ceiling lights or add another towel rack, they will do it, but you will pay for them!. Basically EVERYTHING in these apartments are cheap and not what they advertise. We were billed for things we never received and all in all I would never recommend staying in these apartments. There are much nicer ones in the same vicinity. No one seems to know what they are doing around there. We were accused of not picking up dog droppings ( not true) and we were sent a nastygram left on our door; and another nasty on our car because we did not have a sticker and they were going to tow the car. We had lived there for several m months and were told they were out of stickers.!!!! Believe me, I left this apartment much cleaner than when I moved in!
Anthony Mercer
2 years ago
We do not recommend this Apartment Community to our worse enemy. The Property Management Group does not have their stuff together. They are not very nice and they automatically put the amount you owe at the beginning of your lease term on your credit report. We had a heck of a time trying to explain this to our mortgage lender when we were trying to get a loan on a house. The Apartment that we lived in had a pre-existing flea problem and we had to pay for the treatments because they would not take ownership for it. The A/C Units were terrible. They broke down three times in the three months we lived there. The first time we wanted to cook on the propane grill by the pool, the propane tank was out. After this incident we never tried to grill out again. But when we would be at the pool, we would watch people bring their steaks and already prepared hamburgers and turn away disappointed because the propane tanks were out. On the internet this Apartment Community might look appealing and the pricing might sound right, but don't let that fool you. This Apartment Community needs a lot of work. I wish them the best from a distance.
Kimberly Painter
a year ago
I have lived here 16 months and other than some idiot neighbors once, I've enjoyed living here, friendly staff and very quick maintenance response.
Tiffany Turner
4 years ago
Rent TOO high for whatcha get. Try Courtney Bend instead
A Google User
4 years ago
Warning!!! This place looks nice but the staff sucks. They are all rude and They are always looking for reasons to give a B.S. fine, oh no I sat my garbage bag outside my dorlor for too long, $50 fine. The neighbors are a bunch of crybabies. And the maintenance crew are friendly but don't seem to get anything done. If you are looking for a place to rent I highly suggest looking elsewhere.
A Google User
4 years ago
I'm honestly surprised to see the ratings here are only 3 stars. I currently live at Auston Chase and I must say this is a GREAT place to live. The office staff is very nice and always upbeat and smiling every time I come in the office. I would definitely recommend people to live here. Life is what you make it....home is what you make it.
A Google User
6 years ago
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jamie bardales
7 months ago
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