Delaney Park at Southwood Apartments
3550 Esplanade Way
Tallahassee, FL 32311
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Antonio Williams
a month ago
Some people just brought the place but its still super expensive. Pros - Its beautiful/pretty/nice looking, real high-end/ economically successful feel to the place I like - Nice people/community - There atleast is a hot tub with jets and a pool - There are computers you can print off of in there - There is a gym - There is a indoor basketball court - There is a vending machine in the poolhouse yum. - The new manager there is a very very very very nice lady. Cons - The assistant manager does not seem like a very nice lady but I like her at the moment, it is just her measure of friendliness in comparison the manager herself and/or very good customer servers. - Bugs.... Bring raid - The hot tub seems to always have something nasty in it so you have to like watch your back in it or worst touch something gross like a bug or something - The computers are GARBAGE ass shitty computers with some old ass garbage ass version of Windows like either XP or before that, like long past support by major companies. Can't use normal Yahoo, or Dropbox, as well as other random things. - This bothers me in particular, thinking of myself as bodybuilding but the only free weights in the gym are the dumbbells, however I just spoke with the practically brand new managerment, whom states they will be improving the gym, BUT at about 203lbs with a 12-15%BFP I can still go in there and damage any muscle I want still..... But I mean hey I could just be weak. Oh and the dumbbells atm stop at 50lbs :( (atm). -There is always something nasty in the hot tub which was almost always broken and had been left broken for very long periods of time before, wtf!, but again new management! Neutral - Practically brand new management is making multiple/many many changes right now :|(???)
nadine navarro
3 months ago
We lived at Delaney for 3 years. At first, when the old management was in place, the place was fantastic. All our concerns would get answered right away and everyone in the management team and at the office was a pleasure to deal with. Then new management purchased the property and the old staff was slowly cut and replaced. Now, calls do not get answered and messages do not get replies for days. I have spoken to an assistant who has told me she'd give me a call back the next morning and then not heard back for 3 weeks. I basically have to call nonstop until someone answers the phone at the office, and when they do, unless you are dealing with a manager or assistant manager, no one knows anything and everyone gives you inconsistent information. We moved out early because we had to change locations due to employment, so we are still paying for the lease even though we moved out 2 months ago. I was told by one of their staff that the unit we were in would lease in 2 weeks without a problem because of its optimal location in front of the clubhouse. If the unit was leased, we would not be responsible for the remainder of the lease. Well, inconsistent information from their management team is causing us trouble again and a lot of money. Not only that but their system randomly charges you or gives you credits that are later taken back by the management because "it was a computer mistake." I have never had to deal with so much inconsistency in a business. You cannot rely on any information given by them as the next day, or whenever you least expect it, someone else will tell you that the information was incorrect and demand money from you. Watch out for your wallet! There is nothing worse then bad management, and the management here is the worst.
Genethel McQuay
in the last week
I went to this community back in November 2014 but the customer service was rather poor. However, I decided to visit just yesterday and customer service was remarkable. Stuart, leasing agent, was superior with communication and passion. His excitement and obvious love for the job blew me away. He listened very well to my desires in an apartment home and gave me several options. I really enjoyed spending time with him. I learned that there has been a change in Management since my first visit last year and I can definitely see the difference in the atmosphere. I look forward to becoming a resident. Thank you Greystar, thank you Stuart!!!
Jaclyn Kuhl
10 months ago
My husband and I were residents here for about 2.5 years and watched it decline. When we first moved in we loved it there and had no issues. Throughout the 2.5 years we observed pool furniture become cracked and worn out and never replaced, had constant issues with silverfish, and lots of miscommunications with the property manager. We even had an instance where our unit was entered without prior notice for a maintenance issue not in our unit that continued for days of my husband and I taking time off of work to be there and no one ever showing up! When I called to complain I was given the regional managers number who never bothered to call me back after 2 messages left. Some customer service. Sad, because most of the staff is wonderful and they have great spacious floorplans but the current property manager is terrible if you have an issue!
jerin john
a year ago
I never recommend this apartment to any of my friends. I hate the management. Even the receptionists have no hospitality. A smile costs nothing. They never pay you attention on your requests. This is the worst apartment group I ever found. Never trust the management. They won't keep words. Very greedy people even for single penny. Apartments have no sound proof. You can hear whatever next apartment people talks. Security gates are always on strike. They won't work properly. Please don't get into trap.
Sharifah Alrajhi
5 months ago
I love the place
krishna kiran
2 years ago
Worst apartment I have ever been.I hate the management.The apartment management has no time to listen to the residents complaints.You will never get any support from the management. I will never recommend any of my friends to stay at this apartments.
Jeff Chen
2 weeks ago
A five star experience starts with the leasing office. And many of the leasing teams in Southwood apt communities are very friendly and helpful. Delaney's team, however, goes out of their way to show consideration and work ethics beyond those expected of the leasing industry. Very happy to be here. Hats off to the new mgt and leasing team. (Hey, transplants from the Northeast - this place's got the "forget about it" awesomeness.)
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