Costa Verde Village Apartments
8720 Costa Verde Blvd
San Diego, CA 92122
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Jay Park
a week ago
We stayed in the Costa Verde in year of 2014. When we were moving out, we have given our 30 day notice to the leasing office by walking into the leasing office. This was more than 30 days before our lease ended. At this time, I went in with a friend who wanted to look for a place to lease. The moment we walked in and was helped by an employee, we first mentioned that we wanted to give 30 day notice for our apartment unit. She clearly said that she'll take care of it, then proceeded onto helping my friend to get to know which apartments are available, and then signed a lease. After few months, we were given a call that we had NOT given our 30 day notice and was due the last months rent. That clearly didn't make sense because the employee that had greeted us and helped my friend sign the lease (she signed the lease few days / weeks later) clearly stated that "she'll take care of it". Then, I drove down to San Diego to get this settled. Another employee greeted me, I told him the situation but said I didn't know name of the employee whom we met previously, but I told him the description and he said that he knew who she was, and that it wasn't the first time this mistake was made, that he'll get this matter settled, and apologized for me having to drive down to San Diego. 2 years later (2016), we're getting a notice that it still has not been settled. This was not fault of us, the residents, but rather it was the employee who helped us before.
Cindy Cunningham
2 months ago
I love this place. They keep this place meticulously maintained and if you need maintenance, they will be there within 24 hours. They go over and beyond and helped me carry up some large packages. Very friendly place and I would highly recommend Costa Verde Apartments. I love the location.
S Beach
a month ago
I have found the management/staff arrogant and rude. They will be all nice and sweet till you sign the lease and after that you are on your own. Everyone gets a different deal even for the same apartment if you go in morning and evening on the same day. The recent nuisance is the parking situation for the people living in the community. Remember, we paid for parking spots to get the permit. They will randomly decide to clean the garages and put a notice to vacate the garages around 7am in the morning without providing any alternative arrangement in other buildings. Imagine more than 300 cars scrambling for street parking in the evening before or in the morning just to avoid getting their cars towed. Interestingly you will see tow trucks before 7am just ready to get your car towed once the clock hits 7. Upon calling leasing office about the situation, they say it your problem and not management's problem to provide you alternative space when the garages are up for cleaning and if you don't move your car, we will tow it at your expense. Apartment from that, very poor noise insulation between the apartments. Elevators are mostly broken and considering it has gated parking, the gates are mostly open due to maintenance.
Priyanka Gaggar
5 months ago
If you are deciding to stay in this community, then I would suggest reading the review and then make a decision. I stayed in this community for around 2.5 years. At the end of the last lease while moving out, we inquired about the move out procedure at the leasing office. We were suggested to either drop the keys at the office or leave it in the apartment on the move out date. We even called the leasing office to confirm if it was ok to leave the keys in the apartment and they said Yes. We evacuated the apartment 4 days prior to lease termination as we were travelling abroad for a month and as suggested left the keys in the apartment. We did the maximum we could to make sure we were following the protocol. After a month when we called the leasing office to check on our deposit, and we were informed that we had to pay extra rent of 5 days since they did not receive the keys. Seriously what???? Our only point of contact is the leasing office and if they give us set of instructions that we followed, how is it our fault? I emailed the corporate office, first of all there is no way to reach them on phone. Only way to talk to them is via email. When we wrote them about this, they reverted back saying that they are sorry about the miscommunication from the leasing office but they cannot waive the fees. Why are we held responsible for some error that took place on their end. Highly disappointed by the reaction and for no reason where we held responsible for the additional rent charges. I would suggest to mark off the community from your list if you are looking for an apartment in La Jolla.
Karina Kono
5 months ago
Initial service was great. To get you to sign a lease and rent from them. Following that, POOR. #1 who closes the entire leasing office on Super Bowl Sunday? As if its a holiday? including the business center. I don't own a printer and needed some documents so now I'll have to go out of my way and pay per page for my docs. #2 they don't communicate with each other regarding rent payments. There was an error processing my rent check and I got called 3 separate times by 3 different people accusing me of not paying rent. I had to calmly explain each time that there was an error and the check was in the mail. Then, I received a fourth phone call AGAIN telling me I needed to have my rent check in by that day BEFORE THEY CHECKED THEIR OWN MAIL. The fact that no one looked for my rent before accusing me of shirking that responsibility is unacceptable. Especially given the fact that I had been in correspondence with administration previously regarding the error. They make their lack of communication MY problem.
فيصل الكحلان
3 months ago
These apartments are characteristic of the existence of a private pool in each building, and provide free parking for each tenant. Negative point is the sound insulation between the apartments is very weak and cause inconvenience.
Jay Kavimandan
5 months ago
Do not live here. The leasing office sucks and the actual customer service is even worse. It is getting worse day by day and expensive for no reason and the people have too much attitude and uncourteous.
Kaveh Zamani
a month ago
Lots of undergrads and noise They are very fast in repairs if you have problem in your apartment it would be fixed The only great thing is proximity to UCSD campus
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