Nicolas Le Clair
City of San Jose(Library Page)
通っていた学校: San Jose State University
現住所: San Jose, CA
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紹介文 My name is Nick I was born in France and moved to the US when I was young.  I like to travel and spent the summer in Japan.  

My interests:
Mobile technology and new upcoming touch devices are my favorite topics to research about on my own. Developer tools like rasberry pi and odroids are also interests of mine. I enjoy tinkering with Android devices to find the best Android build for the particular devices. Reading about new upcoming technology is something I spend a lot of time doing. I often read about new hardware that has yet to be released and look at the technical specs and architecture. Knowing new hardware will help me understand how far the software will be able to improve and be optimized. I find such topics very enjoyable to read and learn about.


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Software Engineer


Object Oriented Programming / Design (CS 154), Data Structure and Algorithm (CS 146), Software Quality Testing (CMPE 187), Database Mangement I& II (CS 157A-B) ,Operating Systems (CMPE 142), Information Security (CS 166), Formal Languages & Computability (CS 154), Software Engineering I & II (CMPE 131-133), Programming Paradigms (CS 152), Wireless Mobile Software Engineering (CMPE 137), Assembly Language (CMPE 102), Computer Organization and Architecture (CS 147), Software Engineering Process Management, JAVA, C programming, Android, Python, Jython, Apache, Ubuntu(Linux)


City of San Jose
Library Page, 2008~現在
IBM DemandTec Solutions
Software Engineer Intern, 2011~2011


San Jose State University
Computer Science, 2013



San Jose, CA