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The non disruptive patching of hypervisor - which I and Ross Lagerwall had been working on - is quite fantastical! Xen Security Advisories (XSA) always seem to come at the most inconvient moment (it is ticking clock - racing with hackers who may know of this exploit and us developing the fix) requiring cloud admins to reboot the world. With live patching - the choice of when to do maintenance (and reboots) is back in their hands.

How awesome is that?

Yes, one could migrate the guests to another host and do a rolling maintenance. However some guests are quite local (using local storage, PCI passthrough, etc).

Xen Project Hypervisor 4.7 Brings Non-Disruptive Patching
This is quite an momentums moment. The Linux community had for some time a bad rep for being a tough place - but thanks to +Sarah Sharp​, +Greg Kroah-Hartman​, and other folks there is now an process for dealing with this and not being an wild west. See for details: https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/commit/Documentation/CodeOfConflict?id=ddbd2b7ad99a418c60397901a0f3c997d030c65e

kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git - Linux kernel source tree
Transporter for cars and bikes!?
Woot! Linux 3.,14 released and the Xen PVH work that Oracle has been working on has been mentioned in it!

Linux 3.14 Kernel Released - Slashdot
Lars Kurth Congratulations!
The new hybrid mode that the Linux kernel can run under Xen is quite nifty - if Xen was designed two years ago (instead of ten)  - this is the mode it would have been designed for. It combines the good part of both CPU hardware virtualization (HVM) and the PV ABI resulting in better performance, less code to maintain, and a simpler architecture.

Thanks go to @Mukesh Rathor (Oracle) for working tirelessly on this for quite some time.

Linux 3.14 and PVH –
Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk +H. Peter Anvin please see http://lwn.net/Articles/579078/ and look for PARAVIRT section.
"... , Linus Torvalds nailed his famous source code release to the cathedral door and kicked off the Reformation"

Over-Extended Metaphor for the day - Charlie's Diary
The company I work for is expanding in new markets! :-)
Gianni Tedesco Drinking two bottles of it will help you see the future. But the future will probably just consist of eating a kebab and falling asleep with your clothes on :).
While I don't use Apple devices that much I have to admit that this is an awesome idea to hook children to grok Apple ecosystem. Maybe the Linux Foundation can organize an Program the Linux kernel for 12-14th year olds. Perhaps that is a bit ambitious but I think I coded (quite ineptly) in Pascal and MASM at 13(14?). It would have been great if I had an mentor then. 8086 and real mode weren't that complex to get one's mind around. 

Apple Retail Store - Camp
H. Peter Anvin Not all kids did assembly by hand on the playground, but some of us did.
Today is feet day. Using feet for everything. He hasn't yet tried to pick things up with them though :=) 
Zorina Wolf hahhahhahhhah
Had a phenomenal time at Xen HackOThon in Dublin, Ireland.
Thanks to +Google and +Citix (+Lars Kurth specifically!) for organizing this developers that work on Xen (and Linux) got a stream of free lattes, food, Guinness in the evening, and
for two solid days were coding, brainstorming ideas, collaborating on far reaching projects, and kicking of
the Xen 4.4 roadmap and Linux Xen roadmap. More details
are being posted on xen-devel mailing list by +Stefano Stabellini.
I take a lot of notes during the day - and it feels quite old-skool to use an engineering notebook. Any recommendations for easily digitizing said notes (capturing them to a PDF?), or if the software is good enough to recognize my atrocious handwriting - OCR-ing them?
Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk Ah, there is also an Linux way. Get a Wacom tablet and use Xournal.
Hiring! If you are interested in Linux kernel and Xen hypervisor - apply! (got to https://irecruitment.oracle.com and plug in IRC1942174)

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