Bill McGovern
Bill McGovern
23 hours ago
Beautiful icon pack!
Morgan C originally shared:
you'll get a reward....Keep an eye on this post 😉

Bill McGovern
5 days ago

Bill McGovern
1 week ago
Nice giveaway! #fira
Deepak Kumar originally shared:
:::Its a season of giveaways::: As soon as one giveaway over another starts.

This time a beautiful icon pack called Fira icon pack by +Kelby Romans​

Let's vividly firafy your phone with a never before seen color palette.

How to participate::

- Fallow +Kelby Romans​​
- Join his community
- Comment why you want this icon pack
- Reshare this post with #fira

25+ winners will be chosen after post reaches 100+ reshares else on sunday

If you can't wait please buy the app to support dev

Fira Icon Pack - Live
Bill McGovern
1 week ago
Great giveaway! #rootex
Shabet Umar originally shared:
Proudly present to our dear members, Root Explorer Giveaway.

The ultimate file manager for rooted devices. The original and still the best, is here !!!

Root Explorer is the ultimate file manager for root users. Access the whole of android's file system (including the elusive data folder!).

How to participate:
1. +1 the original post
2. Reshare the post with #rootex
3. Comment down what you thinking about this app

Winners will be chosen after post reaches 150+ reshares, otherwise after 4 days.

If you can't wait then buy the app to support dev from the link below:

Good luck !!!

Root Explorer
Bill McGovern
2 weeks ago
WallMob giveaway!
Samanyou Garg originally shared:

I am giving away 50 Promo Codes of my Brand New Wallpapers and Backgrounds App WallMob Wallpapers & Backgrounds Pro.

Features :-
► Super High Quality Wallpapers
- 1000+ High Resolution Wallpapers.
- All Wallpapers are in HD, QHD or UHD resolutions.

► Google’s material design
- We offer you simple interface and minimised designs.

► Cloud Based
- All the Wallpapers and Backgrounds are stored in the cloud. So, you don’t need to waste your phone storage.
- Just download the wallpapers and backgrounds that you like.

► Simple, fast and light
- WallMob Wallpapers and Backgrounds HD QHD more focuses on wallpaper image itself, to make greater performance. 
- You would never have to worry about your memories or battery running out.

► Picking wallpapers and backgrounds
- Brand new, stunning wallpapers updated everyday.
- 20+ categories for easy searching.

Categories of Wallpapers:
Custom Made, Special Edition, Space, Sports, Material Design, Cars, Animals, City, Nature, Art, Travel, Cartoon, Polygonal, Superheroes, Minimalist, Polyscape, Other and more coming soon…

1. Follow Me
2. Join WallMob Community -
3. +1, Comment and Share this Post
4. Comment below why you want to win a promo code
5. Enjoy!!

For those who can't resist this awesome app, are free to buy it right now
as it's on SALE for Limited Time.

If you win a promo code, don't forget to give a 5 star rating and a nice review on the Play Store.

WallMob Wallpapers Pro (SALE!)
Bill McGovern
2 weeks ago
Beautiful wallpapers.
EKO originally shared:
Awe Walls 40
Like and Share
Bill McGovern
3 weeks ago
Nice giveaway.
EKO originally shared:
Hello my fellow students 🏛🎓
It's time for another giveaway
Promo codes:
10 for Sakura Widget app
10 for Twelve Kwgt
20 for Walloid app
5 for A2K Klwp app
Also three 10$ Google play gift cards

How to enter?
1) Must be a member
2) +1
3) Reshare
4) Comment on original post and pick what you want to win, it can be more than one 😊 Winners will be selected at random.
Good luck!

Special thanks to +NiklasRage aka DaveMFP​​​​ , +irwin kurniadi​​​​ & +Havan Somaiya​​​​

Bill McGovern
3 weeks ago
Nice giveaway. #klwp #wibe
Deepak Kumar originally shared:
Giveaway time:

This time in collaboration with +Frank Monza​​ and +21MaRcO12​​ we are giving away 15 codes for klwp pro key and wibe theme for klwp

- follow +Frank Monza​​ and +21MaRcO12​​
- reshare the post with #klwp #wibe
- comment here

15 winners will be chosen exactly after 48 hours

If you can't wait buy the app to support devs.

Wibe theme link:

Hurry up!! Good luck!!

KLWP Live Wallpaper Pro Key
Bill McGovern
3 weeks ago
Dosarts originally shared:
Today is giveaway day and now is time for Gradient Zooper Theme. There will be giving 10 promo codes.
To enter the giveaway you have to:
- Reshare this original post;
- Follow Dosarts;
- Comment this post with "I'm in".

The winners will be announced tomorrow in this post. The codes will be sent through Hangouts.

Still don't know Gradient Zooper Theme? take a look:
Bill McGovern
4 weeks ago
the1dynasty originally shared:
Lets give away some free copies shall we??

Every 5 shares = 1 free copy

Simple 😎

#the1Lucent #the1Giveaway #the1Dynasty 

the1Lucent Icon Theme
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