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Tagline A Pioneer Qui Tam Relators Story
Introduction - At the bottom of this page on your computer are blue links to the Front Page "Column One" Los Angeles Times Article by L.A. Times Staff Writer Ralph Vartabedian  "Hero's, Zealots Or Victims" which is a  4  page article you can read by clicking on the numbers 1 thru 4 or Next at the bottom of each page or press READ in the Address Bar and  The subject matter is regarding the plight of the First Defense Fraud Pioneer Qui Tam Relators of the 1980's after the passing of the amendments of the "False Claims Act"  31 U.S.C. 3729-3733, revision, Pub. L. 99-562 100 Stat. 3153,  revised on Oct. 27, 1986 coined "Mr. Lincoln's Law" enacted during the height of the Civil War on March 2, 1863 an outraged Lincoln and Congress wrote some of the law in latin "qui tam pro domo rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur." The Union Merchants were cheating the Union Army at very dire times during the Civil War, Lincoln told Congress "It Takes A Rouge To Catch A Rouge" and in doing so it ended the Union Mercants cheating the Union Army and the war ended shortly afterwards, The 2nd Los Angeles Times Article "Military Contractors Challenging Whistle-Blower Law" by L.A. Times Staff Writer Kim Murphy is about the case against Genisco Technology Corporation which the whistleblower never collected the reward from Genisco nor did he intend to collect a reward by coming foward and telling the truth regarding fraud against our Military Services due to product substitution and false testing on key components in critical U.S. Weapons Systems and Commercial Airline Braking Systems, Space Shuttle Challenger Cabin Pressure Sensor and the in-line shuttle sensors for the Liquid Rocket Boosters and many other sensitive military and commercial contracts as well. The HARM Missile Fraud was the most serious defense frauds in the history of the United States First-Line of Defense and . Goodearl & Alred v Hugh's Aircraft lawsuit was during the same time period as Gibeaults v Genisco case for the altimeters and other sensor devices. Hugh's Aircraft Chips handed off on board avionics targeting info to the HARM missile and other missile systems as well, Goodearl and Alred v Hughs Aircraft had a good case study conducted by Southern Florida University, Department of Computer Science and Engineering the link is that takes you to the study conducted as an example of ethics and whistle-blowing and you can read it, Goodearl and Alred were two very brave women who fought a very long and complicated case and they eventually won. Gibeault had always regretted the May 1, 1989 interview with John Gravitt and Defense Week, Gibeault was heart-broken and disappointed at that time because of all the stress and turmoil that the criminal case and civil case created in his personal life and this was Gibeaults first job out of school with a new young family to support. Even after the criminal and civl case was over the Dingelle Committee continued their investigation about the HARM missile performance during the April 15, 1986 Libya Bombing Raid where the Navy had fired 40 HARM missiles during the suppression portion of the bombing raid that had 31 Genisco altimeters in them "Defense Week 6/5/1989" the L.A. Times article "Navy Accused Of Trying To Mislead Congress About HARM Missile Failures"  during the April 15, 1986 Libya Bombing Raid according to the lead investigator Peter Stockton and his investigative team from the Dingelle Committee on Energy and Commerce. See 60 minutes with Mike Wallace "In HARMs Way" regarding lot samples of 30 altimeters from 3 production years all 90 altimeter/transducers failed the testing . Inge Maudal and Gibeault continued a rare instant qui tam case under the false claims act against TI with the urging of the Dingelle Committee Investigators because they felt that was the only way to force Texas Instruments to retrofit the remaining 1,299 plus altimeters in the HARM missiles. Please keep in mind that Gibeault had gone to Genisco management in the mid 1980's to try and stop the fraud but he was told by all 3 Genisco defendants "If He Liked His Job Get Back To Work" which Gibeault continued to do for almost a year before he contacted the FBI and DCIS agencies. At the time of the fraud and Gibeaults employment with Genisco he knew nothing about the false claims act nor did he have any idea that there was a reward involved under this very new enactment of amendments of a very old Civil War Era Law,  essentially Gibeaults reward was in worthless restricted Genisco Technology Stock (see below).  The way Gibeault found out about the false claims act was from Dingelle Committee Investigators Bruce Chafin and Peter Stockton gave him the names of a couple of law firms that were somewhat familiar with this new law Inge Maudal and Gibeault used the rare Instant Case provision under the False Claims Act riding on the back of the Genisco lawsuit to insure a good fix and replace all 1,299  altimeters in the HARM missiles in arsenal's around the world that were defective and NOT pass the burden onto the taxpayers of America and protecting the Armed Forces Fighter Pilots and Troop Transport Aircraft and innocent civilians living on the ground in neighborhoods. At that time period the cost of a HARM missile each was $400,000.00  at over 1, 299 remaining missiles from 1980 to 1986 was a lot of taxpayer money during that time frame along with jeopardizing our air-men and air-women and our multi-million dollar aircraft along with killing or maiming innocent civilian men, women and worst of all the children, I guess you can say Gibeault just wanted to be able to sleep good at night. FYI Gibeault waited over 20 years before he talked or posted anything to the internet because he is a patriot to America and the only reason for speaking up now is for historical reasons and to  allow the public to become aware of the seriousness of the crime and how rare a case the Genisco and "TI" fraud was and how it won even before John Gravitt v G.E. case which changed the "Lincoln Law" and was filed in 1984 but did not win until 1989 a year after the Genisco Technology Corp. and Texas Instruments case. The HARM missile fraud case was caught just before The First Gulf War on August 2, 1990 - January 17, 1991 Desert Storm and may have saved many lives of U.S. Strike Force Airmen and Women and other air support personnel and innocent civilian lives as well. When asked about the settlement agreement (contract modifications) as an answer to a serious problem Gibeault was strong-armed into signing the release to appease the Navy and Texas Instrument on their contract modification so they were able to undo the Relators case against them "TI" with help from the Navy and their willingness to modify the contract to save face. This piece is a tribute For Inge Maudal who fought so tirelessly and a man who was so very talented and worked  created gyro and algorithm equations and many other military skunk-works programs for General Dynamic and Honeyell you can look up some of his patents on Google. This was a rough draft of Inge's Supreme Court pro se plea on a Writ of Certiorari.  It basically sums up the courts decisions and the lack of understanding of this very complicated case against "TI."



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keeping people safe in the 80' & 90's both military and civilian,


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At A Place That Shakes Violently At Times Throughout History !

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