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As close as u like 😊
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This image posted by a fan on Twitter shows how incredibly fortunate Max Chilton was to escape serious injury when his car was struck by debris after Kimi Raikkonen's accident.

The possibility of introducing cockpit covers in #F1 has been discussed several times in recent seasons, notably in 2009 after Felipe Massa's injury and tragic crash which claimed the life of Henry Surtees in a Formula Two race.

The FIA has commissioned studies into the feasibility of cockpit covers in F1, and it wouldn't be a surprise to see it back on the agenda after this. More here: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2012/08/22/cockpit-canopies-covered-wheels-future-f1/
Fiberglass springs #Technology

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#F1 #SeemsLegit

Via: @loose_wheel_nut
Would've loved to see the show down with #rosberg....but a win nonetheless. #lewishamilton wins #britishgp #silverstone #f1
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#F1 Lewis Hamilton wins the British Grand Prix!!
Congrats to #williamsf1 second place finish at #silverstone #britishgp #f1
The metal in all these guys could probably build a bike 😁. #motogp
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Hats off to Danny riding with that lot. No wonder he was off the pace!
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Ha ha
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Cheeky Nico!

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Oh lord 😢
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Too often we are entangled in short-sightedness. We need to adopt a more far-reaching view. We forget our basic human values. If we want to live in a better world, who do you think is going to bring it about? Only we human beings. Such change won’t come about if we wait for governments or the UN to take action, but if we take initiative as individuals. What we need is confidence and determination.

How 420 became code for marijuana
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