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GO & DO: Free Watchdog session

What: A Tornado Town Hall: How to Hire the Best People to Help You Put Your Life Back Together

Where: Plaza Theatre, 521 W. State St., on the square in downtown Garland

When: 1:30 to 3 p.m. Jan. 16. Doors open at 1.

Admission: Free and open to the public. No ticket needed.

How to get there: A DART rail station is less than one block away. Garland station, Rowlett station

For more information: Email or call 214-977-8363.
Loretta Martinez What a great video.  Valuable information for the homeowner.
What a shame. 
Marc Ramirez originally shared:

Max Glauben survived several Nazi concentration camps before being freed by U.S. forces and moving to Dallas. On Wednesday, the 86-year-old was about to head to one of his many speaking engagements when he found his car had been ransacked. My story from +The Dallas Morning News.

Thieves steal North Dallas Holocaust survivor’s treasures
Grapevine marketing director accepted tickets to the #GrammyAwards , causing questions about whether he violated city policy.
Friendly reminder: be careful what you post on social media.

Grapevine visitors bureau to change policy on gift of Grammy tickets
Marina Trahan Martinez He says it was just a friendly gesture so the tickets wouldn't go to waste. I don't judge. Just presenting the info.
You gotta love +Dave Lieber 's face in the video still.
Dave Lieber originally shared:
Watchdog Video Tip of the Day: Shut the door on door-to-door salesmen. They can't be trusted, I say Watchdog Tip of the Day: Don't trust door-to-door salesmen
"A five-star tour de force documentary by MTM." -- +Dave Lieber, +The Dallas Morning News

*note: This endorsement has as much Sundance credibility as a Texas political ad at that festival, but Lieber does really like my work.
New +The Dallas Morning News track booth!
Marina Trahan Martinez Thanks cuz! We have a lot of fun!
Lots of research, more reporting, plenty of investigating. The story of Ross Perot Jr.'s private land sale to the Texas Department of Transportation is told by #TheWatchdog  +Dave Lieber. The mini documentary about the report was produced by me, +Marina Trahan Martinez

Watchdog: Perot Jr.’s company sells land to TxDOT when no one else can
Ross Perot Jr.'s development company struck a private deal with TxDOT, selling land for a major project at least a decade away when no other property owner could.
Do you think that's fair?
Dave Lieber originally shared:
A secret deal involving Ross Perot Jr.'s company Hillwood and TxDOT revealed to taxpayers for the first time

Watchdog: Perot Jr.’s company sells land to TxDOT when no one else can
Check out this Nutcracker mouse!
Nancy Churnin originally shared:
Alakina Trahan, 9, on dancing a mouse in #TheNutcracker, think I'll be rooting for the rodents this year.

From the mouse’s mouth: Dallas dancer, 9, on fighting beside the King in ‘The Nutcracker’
very cool, Al Wilson.
Dave Lieber originally shared:
Went to Elote Mexican Kitchen restaurant last night and saw 50 front pages from Nov 1963 newspapers about President Kennedy's death from across the nation on display, thanks to Al Wilson, who collected them a half century ago.
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