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Lexus is the leading luxury automaker in the United States. With its reputation for high-quality products and exemplary customer service from its 233 dealers, Lexus has been the top-selling luxury automaker for eleven years in a row. In addition, Lexus is the luxury hybrid leader, offering five hybrids that provide the best in innovative technology and first-class luxury. When Lexus was established in 1989, it offered two models of vehicles. Now, more than 20 years later, Lexus offers variations of 10 vehicles, from the sporty CT 200h hybrid to the V10 supercar, the LFA.

Our Products
  • Sedans: LS, LSh, GS, GSh ES, ESh, IS
  • SUVS: NX, NXh, RX RXh, GX, LX
  • Coupes: IS C, RC, RC
  • Hybrids: ESh, LSh, GSh, RXh, CT, NXh
  • F Performance: IS F, LFA

If you have a complaint or issue with your Lexus vehicle we want to help.  To best resolve your concerns, please contact the Lexus Customer Assistance Center in the U.S. at: 800-255-3987, option 3 or visit:

For frequently asked questions, please visit:

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