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CyanogenMod 11.0 M8 Released | CyanogenMod
Anthony Melendez I installed on my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 and now my settings don't work. 😢
The “L” is for Later

The “L” is for Later | CyanogenMod
Redin Manasterliu Try this: press long the settings icon and drag out to the App info that
shows on the top of the screen. At the info press the Clear cache button.
If this work a around works, thank Elad at ;)
OtterX - A new approach to the 'otter' platform

Some of you otter users may already be familiar with the otterx project from +Michael Scott (Hashcode). 

For those of you who may not be familiar, this is a specially created variant of the Kindle Fire 'otter' platform, making use of a new bootloader, new partitioning setup and support for f2fs. 

These changes are being introduced to expand the life-cycle of this platform, and lay the groundwork for Kindle Fire support as we look forward to Android L. 

Nightlies for this new variant will begin tomorrow. Instructions are being drafted on our wiki to convert your generic 'otter' to the 'otterx' setup. 

As this moves forward, we will discontinue the old 'otter' device, and switch fully to 'otterx'.
Chris Purple +Sean Harlow I noticed this afterwards, yep!
Adnan Begovic originally shared:
Cat's out of the bag on this in gerrit. Lots of work by +Danesh Mondegarian and myself to attempt to get feature parity with Android L. Should hopefully be available soon.
David Jay +Alex Vogel thank you but I don't think its that app as I already have it installed. It only shows the numbers on the top row (unless you know how to get the other charatchers shown)
1 week ago
HTC One Max

Also new as of today is support for the HTC One Max. Support for this is brought to you by maintainer +David Hays (aka Flyhalf205). 

The builds are broken down by variant as follows: 

# t6 - t6, t6att, t6tmo, t6ul
# t6vzw -  t6wl, t6vzw
# t6spr - t6whl, t6spr

Builds should be available beginning July 1st
Vincent van Velzen When will the Galaxy S5 be supported 
Find7 QHD/s support

Starting today, the find7 device tree for CyanogenMod 11 supports the high-end cousin of the Find7a, the +OPPO Find7 QHD (aka Find7s). 

Both variants are supported under all find7 releases dated July 1st 2014 or later
As we prepare for the CM 11 M8 release, the team got into a discussion, and we thought "why not see what the community's opinion is on this?".

So, a quick unofficial poll: 

Do you care if a device has an unlock(able) bootloader - and does it alter your purchasing decisions?

+1 the one that describes your opinion the best
CyanogenMod I don't care either way
Some big names joining the +Cyanogen Inc. team. Exciting times ahead to be a CM user! 
Cyanogen Inc. originally shared:
We've had some exciting new hires that we'd like to share with you all!

Cyanogen, Inc. | Cyanogen names key members of the leadership team
Danny Ricard-Lavergne I love #cyanogenmod I juste bought a nexus 5 and as soon I installed CM. CM case too From cruzerlite. I would like to see in further version is shake enable flashlite. 
Adnan Begovic originally shared:
A blacklist was requested. Lots of code later, it exists.
Shahria Uddin +cj mcinnis Okay well it looks different because they applied Belle UI to the system using the Theming Engine
2 weeks ago
4.4.3, 4.4.4, new features, devices, security, and towels!

Last Week in CyanogenMod | CyanogenMod
colesen ford When will there be a stable for the Nexus 5
This is resolved in CM source as of June 6th - all builds past this date (including nightlies, M7 release) contain this fix. 

Additionally, those of you on installer builds (which are currently on a roll-out OTA) will have the fixes once you accept the OTA. 

Please control the need to ask "where is 4.4.4?" Thanks in advance! 
Android Police originally shared:
Yes, another update. 
Damir Josipović Hello, when you expect CM for Samsung i8262 (Core duos)?
Going full circle - Xiaomi Mi2

The Xiaomi Mi2 (aries) joined our roster of devices for CM 11 over the weekend, brought to you by maintainer +Michael Zimmermann.

Downloads are now available on our download portal. 

CyanogenMod Downloads
Luciano Moreira It's great on MI2S. I face random reboot, like once per day. How can I search for the cause? 
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