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A gamer from Innsmouth, MA.
A gamer from Innsmouth, MA.

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Listening to Ozzy and getting high from gluing Ogre miniatures. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday evening. 

So I played Escape - The Curse of the Temple for the first time today as intended with the ten minute soundtrack. Holy Moly is that a stressful and crazy game. But so much fun. 

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I think I'm ready for Ogre Day. What do you think?

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Part 1 of a 13th Age demo I ran for a podcast. We had fun playing I know that.
It's no secret I'm a huge fan of +13th Age so I ran a demo game called the Gnomish Conspiracy for an actual play podcast +The Redacted Files Podcast to help spread the love. The players had so much fun my "demo" has turned into a campaign. We are soon going to hanging out with Stone Thief, the most infamous living dungeon in the Dragon Empire. Feel free to share.

Part 2 will be out next week.

+Jonathan Tweet
+Rob Heinsoo
+Wade Rockett

Check out this cool episode:

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Haven't posted in awhile but got in a Kickstarter game that +David McGuire suckered me into buying. Now just need to travel to Chicago so we can get a game in.

Game: '65 - Squad level combat in the jungles of Vietnam. 

Odd question, but does a Broken unit roll for Ambush in close combat?

Here is the shell of the Nutcracker Adventure:

In the land of the Dragon Empire there is a holiday called Solvicamas. It is a traditional holiday of celebration and present giving. Give each player an opportunity to tell the group one tradition from this holiday. Then one of party members will receive an invitation to a party on Solvicamas Eve from a Lord Stahlbaum. The invitation states that guests (equal to the party) are welcome, to arrive at 8 PM, and to dress appropriately. This is a high fashion party in Horizon (or any other big city). And no, you can't arrive with weapons and armor.

8 o'clock - the PCs will arrive at the party at Stahlbaum with all the other guests. There are about 200 guests in total and they are all dressed in fineries. If in Horizon, make sure to describe the magical nature of many of the outfits and dresses. Describe the mansion as you see fit, but make sure to include a cabinet full of children's picture books, toy soldiers, and dolls. If anyone inquires, they were from Fritz and Marie as kids (Lord Stahlbaum is Fritz all grown up). Have the PCs make a social interaction (easy) check to mingle and socialize. Failure is an attack against MD doing mental damage. Describe all successes and failures against GMCs.

9 o'clock - Lady Stahlbaum (Marie and the Lord's sister) will appear atop a staircase and give a short speech. Then a buffet of food will appear. There will be dishes from around the Empire. Make sure each PC describes one dish that they can't resist.

10 o'clock - The dancing will begin. Each player needs to make a difficult skill check to either dance or convince the room that it isn't a social faux pas that they are not dancing. Failure means an attack against MD doing mental damage. Like above have fun with successes and failures.

11 o'clock - They will see a man talk to the Lord and Lady Stahlbaum who is wearing a top hat, white billowy hair, and an eye patch. Work him into a memory of one of the PCs related to an Icon, but he is clearly talking to them fatherly like and they adore him. This is of course Lord Drosselmeier.

Midnight - at the end of 12 dings, the party will disappear leaving only the PCs, now fully armored with all their gear. All of the tables and people are gone, but the cabinet with the picture books, toys, and dolls remains. There is also a extravagantly decorated tree with only two presents underneath. The PCs need to open one of them.

The first is wrapped in gray and blue and has a note that says, "join the crusaders, seven heads our king may have, we squeak and fight well." The other is wrapped in red and white with a note the reads, "a little drummer, death, victory, and battle, the Nutcracker shouts." (my bad attempt at haiku)

After the PCs open up one the presents, they will see toy cabinet open up and all the dolls, dragoons, hussars, chimney sweeps, zither players, pantaloons, and scaramouches will start preparing for battle. And mice with their king with seven heads coming from a hole in the wall. Both sides preparing for battle. If they opened up the first present, the Mouse King will thank them for their help in finally defeating the Nutcracker once and for all with out that Marie messing up things last time. If they open the second one, the Nutcracker will rally them to his cause to finally defeat the evil Mouseking with the help of Marie and Fritz's old toys.

The battle should be at least double strength and on the Escalation Die of 1,3, 5 there is a mass attack against all PCs. Artillery of sugar and bullets if fighting against the Nutcracker, toothpicks and pieces of fat if fighting against the Mouse King. Once either the party dies or either the Nutcracker or Mouse King is defeated, they arrive back at the party bloodied and in battle gear. The wounded will be attended by Dr. Wendelstern.

In my version, the PCs were level 2, so the Nutcracker was a modified Ogre that used the Escalation Die and all the toys were more or less Orc Warriors (10). The Mouse King was a Sahugin, but had a weapon attack, plus 3 bite attacks and mice (10) were all Kobold Warriors. 3 of the 4 players went down, but the Ranger took down the Mouse King.

I am writing an adventure for the holidays based on the Nutcracker. If it goes well Sunday, and I remember, I'll post a summary of it. 

Really starting to like 13th Age monsters. It's fun to just take a monster, muddle through a couple of different abilities, and throw it at the PCs. You don't have to worry as much about balance. Close enough works.

Hence the zombie redux turned into undead faeries that shoot decomposing glitter as their attack that poisons and turns PCs hair different colors. 

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End of round one wasn't great for the Germans. Hopefully they rally well in Turn 2.

(Scenario S15 - Hammer to the Teeth)
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