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Dayum, three months since I uploaded anything I was thinking about getting Instagram but I can't make myself one but I can login to one weird I know, so could anybody make an account for me and I can change the details? Or maybe an account you already have ...

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Seriously Ill...
Hello, I just wanted to make a post explaining why I haven't been blogging.... I'm seriously ill. I don't want to give out to much information as I don't feel comfortable talking about it but don't expect me to blog or reply back to your emails to soon. Sorry

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For Her Holiday Giveaway!
Welcome to the I t’s All About Her Holiday Giveaway Look Great, Feel Great! Sponsored by: , Dry Babe , Painted Earth ,  An Aura of Allure , NeoCell ,  Bath Path Hosted by: Savory Savings Co-hosts: Craft Cravings & Bloggie Away Is there a...

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Hello! Today I am excited to announce that I am now a part of the #2014BloggerChallenge! Yay ME! The #2014BloggerChallenge was created by Gaby from  Another Girly Blog ! Every month, bloggers who are part of the #2014BloggerChallenge will be required to wri...

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Guess Who's Got A Biology Test...
Hello, GROANS Guess who has a biology test... TOMORROW ... oh wait... ME! Argh! I suck at biology!! Wish me luck and do you have any tips, maybe some tips for dealing with pressure, or maybe educational tips! I have to revise on cells, correct spellings, ...

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Blogger's Birthdays!
Hello, So I wanted to tell you all about a site called 'Blogger's Birthdays', now there used to be a site called 'Blogger Birthdays' but that recently shut down... So instead I decided to make a new site, a new calendar, a new list and you can add your birt...

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It's My Birthday!
Happy Birthday To ME! I've just turned 15! Yay! Now send me that birthday love! LOL! This post is probably going to be updated soon so... yeah... Birthday Minion Attack!!!

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100 Google Friend Connect Followers!
Aaaah! I'm so excited! I can't believe my blog has gone this far! I started my blog on the 25/10/2013 and it's only the 12/11/2013! I can't thank you all for the love and support! This means so much to me it's an honor! Please leave a comment with your love...

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#BritishBloggerSelection: A Little Q&A Shall We Say?
Hello, So for this weeks #BritishBloggerSelection we are going to have a little Q&A, you know, so we get to konw each other a bit better! Here are the questions! Question One: Why Do You Like blogging? I like blogging in my spare time, because it's FUN! You...

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Sunshine Award For Me?
Hello, So, exciting news! I just got nominated for the Sunshine Award! I was nominated by the lovely Emma-Jane from Imaginelacedragons , she has a lovely blog and you must check her out! The sunshine award is given to bloggers that spread kindness and creat...
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