Dying Light Just another Zombie Game, or is it something more?
There is no denying the recent outbreak of zombie infatuation that has infected the population (pun intended), has brought forth some incredibly impressive video games and tv shows as well. However, it has also spewed forth even more sub-par and even horrible interpretations of zombie apocalypses. Leaving the question. Will Dying Light have you sitting on the edge of your seat for hours, unable to pull yourself away from the game or will it have you flipping through your collection looking for something more interesting?

From what I've seen, all of the highly successful zombie apocalypse interpretations have had one key element. An incredible story. The Last of Us gave us an infected that was actually sick not dead. What made it worthwhile to me was the story. The Walking Dead doesn't really change the game at all, but it has become one of the biggest shows on tv. How? With a good story. Well and Daryl.

From what I can gather from Dying Light is, while they do bring forth a more vicious zombie during night hours, the game doesn't seem to have any impressive story plot to back it up. This leads me to believe that it will likely be little more than a gore fest. Not saying there isn't any fun in that but I doubt it will leave much to be remembered.

Dying Light **the basics
Set a typical post apocalyptic zombie infested quarantine zone. You will have a free roaming experience. Where you will be tasked with missions and opportunities for side missions.

During the day, the normal zombie rules apply. Beat them with a baseball bat at close range, distract them, or risk alerting more of the infected with an effective but noisy gun. Don't get caught in a group of them and living humans are often more dangerous than the dead ones.

When night falls things change. Your average slow, weak, and easy to kill zombie becomes much faster and stronger. That isn't the hard part though. The night brings forth much more vicious killers that hibernate during daylight hours. Making night time more about survival than scavenging and completing missions.

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