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Justin Clark

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Justin Clark

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Anyone know how to make the border of ALL windows (not only the active window) a certain color?

I know that I can change the border color in Control Panel > Personalization, but that only changes it for the active window.  Inactive windows are grey and very hard to see.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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I recently educated myself about evolution to get a better perspective on Ken's ideas.  What do you think of my conclusions - am I out to lunch?
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Justin perhaps I should write a book on this topic. I do not think that I am capable of explaining to you what I am saying in simple terms over an Internet conversation.
I say this because I do not believe that I have maturity to court you long enough over Internet snippets to be useful to either of us. Perhaps you could teach me patience.
~big love
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Justin Clark

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I don't expect anyone to agree with my sentiments here, but this was my experience getting up & running with G+.
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+Justin Clark -Be yourself if you decide to stay and use Google Plus. If you need help, come to me. Privately message if you need some help. Don't try to be like any popular user on G+. Be yourself. You have to discover the best way for you to use Google Plus.

The time of getting millions of followers is kinda over. Most people ignore the suggested user list and people aren't circle sharing like they used to in the early days of circle sharing. A million followers will come with a lot of Spam and Trolls. AND the few regular, non-celeb users with millions of followers are usually prideful and arrogant people. They are the kind of people that would not stand up for a person in need or a person being bullied. Why would anyone want to be a popular coward? Be yourself and good people will flock to you. But you will also get trolls. Google Plus is a far away planet. You have to learn it like it is a new culture with a new language and varying customs.
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Justin Clark

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Menu's been featured in the Ottawa Business Journal! The team at Menu would like to thank the Ottawa Business Journal for featuring us as in their column last night.

Our mission is to provide the tools and technology restaurants need to succeed and grow in today's social environment. We do that by offering a complete online ordering package that allows local restaurants to build their brand and increase food orders online. 

Read more about us on the Ottawa Business Journal!
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Great news for the #Ottawa  food industry! 100 new restaurants by the end of May? That's incredibly ambitious! Best of luck.
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