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Applications Crash Reports for Android
Applications Crash Reports for Android

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Happy to announce that ACRA-4.6.0 (Android Crash Reporter) has been released.

Many things fixed. New functionality added.
Changes can be found at

Thank you to everyone who chipped in to make the release possible.
It is open source and many hands make light work etc.

ACRA is used in 2.76% (See AppBrain/stats) of all apps on Google Play as of Jan 2015. That's over 40M apps using ACRA. And since the average US user has 41 apps installed on their phone that means there is a 70% chance that ACRA is running on any phone. That means ACRA is running on over a billion devices. That's lots of bug squashing power right there.
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Hi there,

You sure have noticed that the activity on both ACRA and Acralyzer has been low. Like near-death low.

The facts are that I (+Kevin Gaudin ), creator of both projects, can hardly find any time to dedicate to these projects due to a mix of professional, personal and motivational changes.

These projects have always been a personal initiative, developed on my spare time, driven by both technical curiosity and a mission I set to myself in 2010 to provide non existing simple, free and open tools that could help fellow Android developers to effectively enhance the quality of their apps.

After I released the latest Acralyzer version in mid 2013, I just felt like I had fulfilled my goals. The tools now exist, some nice commercial (free or paying) solutions have also emerged in the meantime, and my free+open alternative is available to anyone.

Now I just can't find enough time to maintain them. I don't event code Android apps anymore so I'm not even using them, which is the main fuel for open source spare time projects.

+William Ferguson is still integrating changes, fixes, PR's in ACRA and I am so thankful to him for this work. With the release of Android L we might have to deliver a new ACRA version to fix some compatibility issues and I'll try to help in doing that.

I'll continue to maintain the server I rent to distribute the Acralyzer couchdb instances. It has a cost that is not even covered by donations I receive but I can afford that.

Speaking about donations, I'd like to also thank massively everyone who donated to the project. This is one of the most efficient ways for users to show open source devs that their project matters to someone.

In times where people send dollars by hundred thousands to simple "ideas" or "concepts" on crowdfunding platforms, it's a bit sad though that existing solutions don't get much spontaneous support.

I've never been asking actively for funding, making money was not my goal for these projects, this is just food for thought. ;-) People pay for dreams. Real products should be free.

Now what will be the future of ACRA and Acralyzer ? I have no real idea.
If some of you guys want to discuss about it, I'm open to all ideas.

Just don't expect any new release from my own isolated will any time soon.

+Kevin Gaudin 
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Welcome to +Tracepot as a new backend for ACRA reports analysis !
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Hi guys, with now a few months of existence, what's your feeling about Acralyzer?

Does it suit your needs?
Do you have any issue with its features?

I see on my stats that it is installed a dozen times (sometimes more than 20) a day every day, but there is not much feedback coming.

Maybe it is good news, I'm used to think that complaints come faster than praises ;-)
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Vacations are over, it's now time to go back on the evolution of ACRA.
So, next version will be ACRA 5.0 [VERSION NAME FOR SALE].

If an international food company is interested, we can put any of your product name there. Not even a constraint on the first letter.
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If you like software archeology, here is the +FrAndroid forum discussion where the idea of creating ACRA was born ;-) (in French).
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A new android version is always full of surprises!

If you spot any new API providing data that would be interesting to get in your crash reports, please let us know! (better: open a feature request in ACRA's issues tracker on github)
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Medialoha is opensourcing a new ACRA backend called MAB-LAB (My ACRA Backend Laboratory).

Based on PHP/mySQL, its UI looks nice, and you can connect to a demo instance on with:
Login: demo
Password: password

Source code will be available soon on Gitlab (
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Post has attachment is now hosted on a private server

First hosted on Cloudant, both Acralyzer distribution databases got assaulted after their announcement.

With 40 thousands of requests a day (yes, 40k), I could see the cost of either Cloudant or Iriscouch services becoming soon unbearable for an unfunded open source project.

After discussing with the Cloudant support team (really nice guys), it looked like all these requests were caused by continuous replications.

There is nothing in the Acralyzer setup instructions telling you to check the continuous checkbox, but there is also nothing to prevent you from checking it. And I didn't really want to document anything about this because... hey... an auto-updating webapp could be rather a cool concept ! Anyway I just could not forbid anything.

So I decided to setup a cheap (6€/month) virtual private server dedicated to serving databases and it has now been doing so continuously for 3 days.

Interestingly, the continuous replications requests flow stoped (revision numbers did not match anymore) and I'm now able to measure accurately the number of installs per day and make the difference between initial installs and resync requests.

So, FYI, the actual number of fresh Acralyzer installs during the 3 last days was around 12 installs per days.

With this server, I know exactly how much distributing acralyzer will cost and there is no risk of this cost going out of control. If requests rate goes incredibly high, performance will decrease when installing your instances... that's all.

Setting up this server was possible thanks to the 21 donators who spontaneously sent some money to the project during the last 7 months. The 122€ collected will cover approximately 1 year of hosting + domain names.

So, as you can see, these donations weren't even used to buy some beers and coffee or compensate the spare time I dedicated to this project during the 3 last years. It mostly opened new possibilities by enabling to cover some infrastructure needs that I would'nt have considered without them.

You'll find below the link to the Pledgie donations page for ACRA/Acralyzer, your help is still welcome, you can be sure that it will be used wisely (fresh beers will be needed during the summer ;-) ).

+Kevin Gaudin 
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Cloudant featured Acralyzer on their blog.

Thank you guys!
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