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Taking homeless and living in your car to a new level.
Worst idea ever: wood-burning stove to heat Volvo.

Some Swiss guy named Pascal Prokop built a a wood-burning stove into his 1990 Volvo 240 for some reason.

Props to +cris cei

"Please help Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific Action Fund elect pro-choice, pro-women’s health candidates in 2012. To honor our sweethearts - DONATE TODAY and we will send a Valentine to Mitt Romney he’ll never forget! For every $1,000 we raise together, the PPSP Action Fund will send Mr. Romney a box of chocolate birth control pill packs and a Valentine’s Day card from all of us. Let’s spread the love!"

Seems like an unfortunate waste of money, a win for Mitt and a tad immature. I do have a sense of humour, but maybe am unable to find it at 4:30am.

I'm all for Planned Parenthood, but this just makes me feel old. Something has given birth in the last decade to a society that has lost its good sense.

monkeyporkbun at typepad = gone.

killed Facebook and now cleaning up G+ - who the heck are all these people?

In matters of the heart, even small gestures are worth millions.

The thought of designing quilts makes me wiggle. The thought of putting some of them up for sale, even more so. I may force myself into some downtime to design. You quilters out there, log cabin or spiderweb? These are my favorite because I like being scrappy.

For the past eleven weeks, I've pushed myself and encouraged others more than I knew was possible for me. We went in together, grew together, learned together, and came out different people together. We felt the change. We saw each other change. Our families saw us change. A course, offered by Women's Initiative, based in my hometown in Northern California, that teaches you the basics and the indepths of putting together a business plan at an incredibly low cost, in the hopes that each of us graduates will go back out into the world and like dandelions, seed the economy with our newfound knowledge and capabilities. Some of us came with a world of experience and low confidence. Some of us came with more desire than knowledge. Some of us came with baggage and slowly learned we didn't need to carry it any longer. Some of us came feeling alone and discovered new hearts and friendships. In the beginning, there were 22 of us. Consistently we were made to feel we were the best and the brightest, we struggled together, some more silently than others, we supported each other. At the finish, there were still 20 of us together rising like a phoenix, soaring toward victory. And we believe about each and every one of each other that we are the best and the brightest. Thank you, Andrea. Thank you, Julie. Thank you, Nichole. Thank you, Georgina. Thank you, Skipper. Thank you, Diane. Thank you, Liliana for masterminding our superduper secret Facebook Group. Last but not least, thank you Women's Initiative Novato Spring Class.

Occasionally, I gush about handmade items. Okay, more than occasionally.

wondering if G+ is just a tad too Ondi Timoner for me. Loving that SFNet peeps are finding me, and crafty creative types are finding me. Random single guys that I don't have any prior connection with that want a new group of international friends, not so much. But maybe that makes me a hypocrite. I found one of my fave bloggers here, added her posts to my stream. I guess that's kind of me doing the same thing, but I'm no one famous. Also wondering if you can see who's been checking out your stream. Anyone know anything about that?
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