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Epigenetic Markers for Cellular Aging
While there have
been many hypotheses on the causes of aging, the precise mechanism of cellular aging,
and how it can be measured, remains unclear. A study in 2016
(1) has illuminated the differences between various measurements and possible
mechanisms of c...
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Earth: One Of The Early Civilizations In The Universe
A paper in Monthly
Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society in 2015 (1), based on data
collected by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and the Kepler space observatory,
has arrived at some unexpected conclusions. The analysis suggests that earth was
quite early...
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Young Blood Can Reverse Aging
The quest for stopping and even reversing the aging process
has entered a new phase over the past few years. A few scientists have
investigated the phenomenon of administering the blood of young mice to old
mice, an experiment that has a long but not a very...
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Is Only 7% of the Human Genome Functionally Important?
ENCODE studies
in 2012 (1) concluded that about 1% of the human genome codes for proteins and
that about 80% of the genome is “biochemically active, and likely involved in
regulating the expression of nearby genes.” These findings have produced a
great deal...
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Are You Religious or Spiritual?
The distinction between being spiritual and being religious has
become more pronounced in the last hundred years. Whereas until the 20 th century the two terms were used interchangeably, present day studies show a
clear divergence of the terms and the chara...
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Scientific Evidence of a Pre-life?
There is an unshakable belief by most humans, irrespective
of religion or cultural background, that they have a soul or some essence of
themselves which is immortal. The question of spiritual immortality has usual
been approached from the point of view of w...
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Origin of Species - An Example
How new species arise has been a question at the core of
evolutionary theory and a point of challenge for those forces which adhere to
an intelligent designer as the source. The idea of a new species arising from a
pre-existing one seems to require many sim...
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The Light Saber: Fact of Fiction?
The light saber. It looked magical when Obi-One Kenobi first
whipped it out in the bar in the spaceport town of Mos Eisley on the planet
Tatooine; light energy that has the solidity of matter and which can cut through anything. I never quite
understood its ...
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