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Ironhide Game Studio
Mentally unstable game design studio based in Uruguay.
Mentally unstable game design studio based in Uruguay.

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It's finally here!

Kingdom Rush Frontier newest Endless Level has jungles, temples, monkeys and aliens... Have fun!

(No space monkeys though... maybe next time)

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A small summary of Kingdom Rush Origins new mini-campaign.

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Hey Rushers! Want to know what's up for this week?

Tomorrow: A new poll for A HERO IS BORN

Wednesday: Kingdom Rush Origins new Update "HULKING RAGE"

Friday: One of the final polls for A HERO IS BORN.

Saturday: The Ironhide team takes a plane and we go to San Francisco for the GDC.

Sunday: VE SHALL KONKER THE VORRLD! Muahaha. (Not really, we'll probably just have some jet-lag and eat pizzas in the hotel).

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The second poll for A Hero is Born is now available! Check out this article from GameMob about it!

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A Hero is Born is the first official Kingdom Rush Hero contest. 

Fans will vote on weekly polls, the most voted options will be used to create a new Hero that will be released for free. 

So cast your vote and let's make a Hero together!

Sad News.

Linirea #1 Shaving Products company files for bankruptcy after focusing all their marketing campaign on the elven population.

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The scariest campaign of the series now can be played in mobile devices.

Castle Blackburn is now available for the first Kingdom Rush on Android and iOS.

For the Kingdom!

Sometimes we like to come here to take a breath. It's nice. All the quiet and peacefulness. Makes you ponder... about the importance of having these little moments for yourself.

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So unless you've been living under a rock for the Holidays you've probably already find out that Kingdom Rush Origins first (but not last) Endless level is out!

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