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Good overview of what Big Data is and why it is important.

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Only I guy like this could notice this limitation!
Sorry for the noise. Looks like we just found a new limit in Google+. Can't have more than 500 comments under one post.

I'll post some photos later. There's a bunch of geeks here (mostly VCs, but a bunch of CEOs too). The number one topic of conversation here so far is Google+.

I might try to give a class on it tomorrow. By the way +Larry Page just announced that there are more than 10 million Google+ users.

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Planning where to invest one's time in social media is like being a financial analyst. You need to know when to hold them and when to fold them. I am upping my time investment in Tumblr and Google+. They are my "strong buys." They will be the next social giants. I am keeping Facebook at "outperform" and I am putting in a "sell" call on Twitter. That doesn't mean I am checking out of Twitter. It just means I am going to use this metaphor to guide how I invest my time for my goals. (My advice to clients and varies depending on their needs and audiences. It could be totally different. This is what's right for me and who I aspire to connect with.) How about you??? Ready? Go!

Andy why would I use Google+ over the other platforms?
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