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I love the doctor, but some of the staff is making me think that I need to find a new provider. I am so upset with the staff at this medical office - to make a long story short, my mom and I are both taking the same medication and we started our treatment at the same time. We needed to come in for follow up blood work prior to seeing the doctor - why pay to see him when there's nothing he can recommend or do until AFTER the blood work. The nurse refused to do the blood work because the doctor had not spoken to my mom about a lab test from November 2014, but my mom was given medication for her health ailment, despite never having this formal meeting. So, the nurse, in her wisdom wanted to have Dr. Latoni meet with my mom before doing the blood work even though he had already placed her on medication with refills and asked to see her after a few months to see if the medication is working. In other words, she wanted my mom and the insurance company to pay for a doctor's consult which was baseless! All in all, if you want someone who understands the needs of the patient and can make a logical decision for your health and well being, I would be skeptical of becoming a patient at this office. If you are healthy and rarely need to see the doctor, this place is good, because the doctor is great. My reservation is with the quality of the staff, which is sub-par from my experience.
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