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An Operating System that puts it's users in control
An Operating System that puts it's users in control

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We've got some big news here about our future!
We will be collaborating with Nitrux S.A. (, the same company that made the icon themes we used in our OSes, for our upcoming project- the Nitrux OS. With that being said, Haze OS will no longer be a separate project running alongside. We're no longer continuing the development for the Touch edition or the Pro edition. Our current websites will be left untouched for the next six months (that is when Nitrux OS is expected to release) and the download page will be left open for as long as our servers will stay.
Why did we do this? because we believe that when people who share the same bright vision come together, a lot of great things can be accomplished. It is becoming increasingly hard for us independently to maintain Haze OS's presence on the web. We will continue on our mission to simplify desktop computing and hope to do better than we did the preceding year.
Let us see the brighter side now. We'll be redesigning the desktop UI along with our own theme suite and doing a complete reboot of the Operating System. Keep in touch with us for more updates and development news of our upcoming project.
Until then

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First of all, we'd like to thank all of you guys for letting us cross 200k downloads and to us, that is just an incredible feeling.

Secondly, we'll be launching the Haze OS 6.1 (Codenamed: Caramel Cheesecake) in another few weeks or even months since it's taking longer than expected for us to bring back the traditional Debian Installer instead of the current one which seems to be a little unfamiliar for some of the beginners. Other details will be posted on this page as time rolls on. The screenshot below is kinda a early sneak peak of what you can expect in the future. Yes you will be able to manually update from your current release but just make sure you're not on Haze OS Chocolate Fondant.

Thirdly, meanwhile the Touch Edition is still baking in the oven, we're reminding you guys about the upcoming Haze OS Pro edition release which will be packed with a variety of useful software, 3 GTK based Desktop Environments and GNOME will be the default one, First priority support and some merchandises (if we're able to do in the future). We will price this under 15$ and the sole purpose of this release is to help finance this project and let it stay on the web by giving you guys some premium entity back in the place of your currencies.

All we ask of you guys is to help this project reach more people (if you honestly believe that it deserves) and support us through your donations. 

We're looking up for starting a Patreon page, do let us know if you think it's worth it.

The Touch edition that will be released in the coming days will serve as an alternative option for those who aren't able to run Core (besides those who really want to try it otherwise) and it will borrow all the necessary tweaks and quirks from the Core edition and it's predecessors.
If you aren't able to run your OS on the USB stick, we would strictly recommend you to wait for our upcoming announcements and we'll have to say that the Touch edition is something big. That's it for now.

So here's a couple of things that has happened since the release:
- We've updated the ISO to 6.0.1 now. If you already got the earlier build working please don't reinstall the ISO again. USB version is still on the way.
- You can now access the website by going into instead of however the website may face a temporary unavailability later in the future for support reasons.
- We haven't begun with the actual development of the Touch edition for Cheesecake but we do plan on doing some totally new things with this release. Do keep in touch for updates anyways.

This week or the next, a new ISO will be uploaded trying to cover as many bug fixes as you guys reported for. 

Peace until then!

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This week will be the last week for Haze OS 5 and the current website. This doesn't mean that Haze OS 5 won't be supported anymore, remember that they're based on a long time support release so if you're satisfied with Chocolate Fondant you're more than welcome to stay there and enjoy its offerings. Be sure to grab the links asap if you need them for any reason. Let us know if you'd like us to add the current releases to a 'Older Releases' page of our new website. Lastly, get ready for our big news coming up soon ;)

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So finally the last BETA release of Haze OS Cheesecake is here and it's much more usable. Please let us know what you think and tell us about your problems you're encountering with. You can message us via this group and we'll try our best to solve your problems.

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Our website is pretty much bare bones yet and we're currently using a free host to get the main content out until the time. We hope to do better when we come nearer to the final release. Here: 

P.S. We'd love to see people sharing the torrent file for this ISO so we could gather a bigger number of testers and build a stronger relationship among the developer+users community. Do roll back to our official site for stable release. This is only for experimental purposes.

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So the file size of ALPHA 1's ISO is extremely huge. Don't worry! it won't be the case in the upcoming releases but hey, we really need your feedback leaving aside the website and file size so we can build a stabler system together.
Please let us know how good the installer works/if it doesn't work at all for you wink emoticon
Download it from the torrent (torrent file download link):…/0B0mujjUNEj5pdnQzaS14SE8zR…/view…
P.S. This release is experimental and under heavy development so bear that in mind and proceed.

So we have some important announcements to make that'll change the current Haze OS ecosystem significantly:

1. Cheesecake will no longer have Origami and Minimal editions for the following reasons:

- There are already enough Debian & Ubuntu based Linux distros with the KDE(/Plasma) or LXDE base and are actively being managed by them pretty well so both of these editions no longer deserve it's existence except for the design obviously, which we assume you can tweak by yourself. After all we're a part of the Linux family.

- Origami edition is based on Debian and it's a rolling release distro already so you don't have to upgrade your distro or whatsoever anytime in the future. We'll take back this system soon after Cheesecake's release for our upcoming users.

-We'd like to put more of our energy on our two systems (i.e. Touch & Core editions) and accomplish our mission through it, without confusing and bombarding the new users with hundreds of it's variants. 

2. The final version of Core edition will release this year and replace the current website as well. Touch edition may or may not see it's release this year, we mean the final release. Our new website will have a refreshed community forum and redesigned layout that is on the works so stay tuned for that.

3. We'll no longer add the version number: 6 to our Operating System although it really is and instead we'll refer it with our codename only- 'Cheesecake' starting from this post onwards because:

-If you're a Linux user already and looking for the one line explanation: Haze OS will be a rolling release distro from Cheesecake onwards. Don't understand? We're developing a strong base that wouldn't require any major system upgrade for our users in the future and a system where people can enjoy the latest technologies from mere system update via the repositories. 

4. A reminder that we heavily rely on your funding. Your support is extremely vital for our survival on the web. 

5. The Pro edition as announced on our earlier blog post, will cover a wide range of additional features for developers, gamers and graphics experts. This will be built upon the Core edition and more information about this sector will be available soon after the Cheesecake Core edition's release.

Too many things on one post? well, just acknowledge that this is the biggest one.
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