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Chris Veerabadran
Poet, Scientist, Earthling
Poet, Scientist, Earthling

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How to set up a VPN in 10 minutes for free

Good article.

And this one is a good Chrome extension to secure your web browsing:

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Agree, amazing voice.
Best song on the soundtrack. These vocals are amazing. She's amazing.

Soundtrack Version Here :

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There's a website for it, it's too bad I can't recall. 
TL;DR Looking for a Korean-Japanese language exchange partner.
Please help me share this post around. Thank you people!

I am sincerely looking for any language exchange partner who is fluent in Korean and wants to learn Japanese. I hope to find someone who is enthusiastic about both learning and teaching, and I hope that we can contribute to each other's learning equally. This is why I'm not only looking for someone who is fluent in Korean, but for someone who wants to learn Japanese so that I can give something back in return. Just a bit of a background about myself; I mainly self-studied my Japanese since 2005, and have been privately teaching Japanese for the past two years and have seen my student grow from N5 to N3.
However, I'm not looking for an intensive coaching session or anything. I just seriously hope to find a partner in which we can send each other messages to clarify questions that each of us might have, and of course to get to know each other better while doing so. If anyone is looking for a language partner, or know of anyone who needs a language partner, please comment or pass this post along. Thank you so much for reading.

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The dogs will make better decisions than the Republicans in Congress.

via +Cara Evangelista

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At least mix the uppercase and lowercase letters :-)

#funny #passwords

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Preserving the Tradition of Whole Hog Barbecue in Tennessee

Zack Parker's dad will be proud of him.

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It is just a shame. Who will do this in a democratic country?
Christ on a stick.

Not a single woman was at the White House meeting on women's health

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Amazing how smartphones are getting better and better in capturing shots like this.
Amazing rainbow in Pleasanton, CA yesterday

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How to brush your teeth properly

Thanks Doc. 
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