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raymond howard rebuilding detroit
US Marine Veteran, Patriot, and "deciple indeed of Jesus Christ." Change Is Vital, Thoughts are Ordained by God.
US Marine Veteran, Patriot, and "deciple indeed of Jesus Christ." Change Is Vital, Thoughts are Ordained by God.

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All scripture is given by inspiration of God is profitable, for doctrine, reproof, correction, for instruction

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Know yourself, my brother. 2 Corithians 13:5

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When you turn to Jesus, you will experience life—overwhelming, overflowing, abundant life.

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Going back to the beginning Lord willing!

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Frank E a rock star you got to know! Like Potus he struggles through adversity, always wins in the end.
Glad to know you SGT.
Here is to all the WINNERS in America!
No matter what you are going through the solution that you’re seeking is already inside of you. Trusting in God is how I formulated a plan in my creative mind. That strategy put an end to my money crisis forever. Doubting your imagination and self-value is the same as doubting your faith. – Frank Calabro Jr

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Step Up! it may be too late their already here. Dispatched from the Belly of the Beast.

Something stinks in America | it's not just the "skunk weed you smoking." Snoop Dogg a Convicted felon and glorified pot head can openly threaten a sitting President of the United States and gets paid and is not immediately arrested. The audacity of the liberal left is clearly gone amuck. That Spirit that has destroyed Europe has come to America. "No Go Zones" have become a reality. Chicago Mayor Ron Emmanuel, (D) Mayor Ed Lee, (D) San Francisco, Mayor Bill de Blasio, (D) New York all pledge and refuse to uphold the Laws that pertain to sanctuary cities and defy The Constitution Of The United States.
Race relations is at it's lowest since 2010!
Anti-semitism is at it's highest!
Controversial radio talk show host Michael Savage was assaulted while dining out with his dog.
Damn! It stinks in America!

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A nation in decline: John Lewis "illegitimate President"
Madonna's hate diatribe
Ashley Judd a nasty woman.
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