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DDOcast - A DDO Podcast!
A DDO Podcast for fans, by fans!
A DDO Podcast for fans, by fans!

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YaRRrrk! >> DDOCaSplat! 89 – Trick or Dying

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YaRRrrk! >> DDOCaSplat! 62 – Trapfinding with Party Members

DDOCast 409 is published! New Guest Asheras & Chai breifely discuss hit points & go in depth with the information on Update 29! ‎

DDOCast 408 is published! Cordovan moderates a debate with Propane, Antha & Patrick on levels 16-24! #DDO

DDOCast 408 will be live with a debate on levels 16-24 Sat Nov 28th at 5:30p pacific time!

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DDOCast 406 is published! We talk all about festivals with Antha, Axel & Draculetta

DDOCast will be live Sat Nov 14th at 12p pacific to debate seasonal festivals! #DDO

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DDOCast 405 is published! Cordovan, Knockback, Steelstar & Vargouille join the cast for another #askthedevs #ddo

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DDOCast 404 is published! Tolero joins us for #askthedevs about the DDO Store!

DDOCast 403 is published! Guests Voodu & Chai talk Raid Caliber Tanks, Balance Changes, U28.1 & Night Revels!
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