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Carbon Games
Independent video game developer, creators of AirMech.
Independent video game developer, creators of AirMech.

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Front Line Assembly is making the +AirMech soundtrack! So glad I can talk about this now, it's been amazing to work with the band on this project. If I missed anything in our blog post, feel free to ask. This is going to go down as an epic game soundtrack, mark my words. :)

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+Kotaku came by and checked out +AirMech at +PAX EAST 2012 ! Always glad to talk to those guys, and I just couldn't help but gush over the game and the amazing reception we had at the show.

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Carbon Games will be showing AirMech in Google's area at GDC (North
Hall, booth 1901) from 10-2 on Wednesday and 2-6 on Thursday. Most of
the Carbon Games team will be there showing off multiplayer gaming in
Chrome, with gamepad support! We're happy to talk about Native Client,
F2P, or anything at all.
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Did you know we started localizing AirMech? There's lots of languages in there now, take a look see how we did. We just used Google Translate for a first pass--anyone want to help us improve it? :)

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Take a look at the latest AirMech Alpha with new AirMechs! Can you believe that you can play a game like this in your browser? Thanks to Native Client, this is possible.

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James Green answers some questions about AirMech in this excellent preview of the game by Jeff Mattas over at Shacknews.

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New patch is out! AirMech Alpha version 5936 was released last night.

- Coop mode! A lot of requests for this, now play teams vs AI.
- New renderer! Could improve performance on some configurations.
- Change resolution ingame, plus AA options finally.
- First look at the new UI, a work in progress.
- First Win of the Day bonus has been added.

Get involved, share your feedback, get help with issues in the forums:

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Happy Holidays from Carbon Games! We're super excited to see where AirMech will go next year, thanks for all your support!

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New AirMech gameplay video! This is actually testing out our replay system. I recorded a random 3v3 game with players from all over, then played it back and recorded it while switching the camera to try and keep it on the action.

Lots of things we should do to improve this and make it a "real" spectating/commentating mode, but I see great potential already.

The battle itself was quite epic--we tried desperately to hold the middle position but it didn't help. Probably should have made more of an effort early on to destroy their resource generators, which would have prevented the buildup of forces they rolled in with. GG!

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Pictures of the start of Carbon Games! We started by working out of James' apartment--the way all great companies are born of course. :)
Carbon Games Summer 2011
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