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Happy B'Day RayRay😝😘✌
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wazzam mimi
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u wanna be my friend
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Can You Break The Code?  ++ Re-share if you can.
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baby you light up my world like nobody else
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if you are jealous of your ex boyfriend, read this funny joke about relationship. You'll understand that you don't need to be jealous
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Hey Google
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I’m going to start a blog writing what I feel in my life. I think if I can’t tell people what I feel I might as well write it well to start off I am 11 years old &I’m in the fifth grade. My favorite subject is social studies 7 in school I love to guide people. I know some of you might think I’m just a girl who is just mean & doesn’t care about anything. Well I do have feelings, it’s just that I can’t always share or express my feelings with any one weather it’s my family or a ‘’friend’’. I just know one day I’m going to brake down if I don’t express myself more. I’m not just full of sadness. My favorite hobby is to rap, sing, & dance. Why? Well I want to be a musician, have a name for myself. I don’t think I’m too  young to start my career. I’m not alone, I’m in this group called blasting flavor 7 we get into a lot of arguments but at the end of the day, when we perform for our school we are the best & we fell proud! I just hope that we’ll make it together as a group. Goodnight
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You go head girl 
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nice her raps rock
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Do you wonder the examples of most romantic love stories, than look at the old couple who spend their whole lives together and loving each other
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Wat Up ppl's:D
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GN Google+!!!! I think imma say GoodBye because I feel I have nothing left in life. Why, because my 1st time meeting a music prouducer she gave me her number and I called her every day and every week. She ans. all my phone calls but it's like she wasnt making progress with me or my mom,so then yesturday I saw on a commercial that BET is looking 4 the nxt big star. They were going 2 be in Atlana so I called the girls told them the news and we all planned going but when I told my mom about it the second time she said she is not going 2 take me because its underground,and memorial wknd. So there was my second chance of being a music star then there it go again, I feel my whole life is over because I've failed again of becoming a music star. :( :( :( GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE HOPE UR NIGHT IS SUCESSFUL
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Who Is The 5th Member?????????????????
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Love and Peace<3

Hi everyone, I love to shop,rap,dance,sing,and enjoy life. I love music, music is in me!!  My favorite color is black,white,neon,pink,and red sometimes...I love to eat soulfood, chinesefood, Italian food, and ice cream. I love being funny,mindless, supportive,lovable and peaceful. LOVE AND PEACE!!

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