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Hey +Chris Lacy. Just wondering if it is possible to create a cloud backup and restore feature for Action Launcher settings?

It will be a boon to people who keep flashing different ROMs and are not in front of their PCs to backup and restore these settings.

I personally backup my SMS, call logs, Action Launcher settings and WhatsApp. All of them can be backed up into my own Google Drive except the AL settings. It would be great if that could be implemented.

Hope I'm not asking for too much :)

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Hey +Chris Lacy​. Not sure if you've seen this before, but after I updated my Nexus 6P to Nougat, everytime I make changes to Action Launcher settings and get back to the home screen, I get a message saying there wasn't enough memory to fetch colors from the wallpaper.

I thought it was a problem with the beta or something, so I left the beta programme and uninstalled the app and now I can't install action launcher again :-/

Wondering if you can help.

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The year is new again. It is time for use to look back on the year that was in terms of metal and release another staff pick list. This time, we chose to have everyone pick 13 tracks instead of albums because while the experience of a good album is…

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Today, I had rebooted about 11 servers running Windows Server 2003 as a part of an activity and post the reboot, one of the servers did not let me login with my domain account and I got an error, “The system cannot log you on due to the following…

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Here's a little Nexus 6P photo gallery with some photos I've taken so far. Consensus: Not disappointed at all. Easily the best camera in a Nexus.

Plenty of detail in each 12MP shot. Some shots suffer from weaker dynamic range and blown-out highlights (it tends to overexpose) but overall it's clear that Google's done work with the stock camera software.

Thumbs up from me.
Nexus 6P
10 Photos - View album

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