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+Lionel Dricot​ une initiative intéressante dont tu avais parlé auparavant. Impatient de voir les résultats ! 

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So it appears, the group of terrorist suspected to be at the origin of the Paris attack were not even smart enough to use Encrypted communication channel... :/
There is a lot of press coverage claiming that the Snowden events educated terrorist on the importance of Encryption, pointing fingers and even blaming him for the Attack.
Allowing governments to set up back-doors in encryption services is a mistake... it will only help terrorist in the long run.

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Friday read: we tend to forget how the Internet has changed our lives.  It's almost the weekend, and it's good to get some positive energy... so read on!

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Super interesting stuff: Why Facebook is underrated: comparing the different eras from the MS/PC to the FB/Mobile. 

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For all the geeks out there, I was made aware of this blog today at work, and I think it's really good. 
It's the type of content I wish I was able to write... really :) give it a go! 

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Finally announced: Somehow OnePlus 2 is the Nexus update we've always wished for. It looks discreet, solid and elegant. If you want an invite, check out the link below :)
Starting at £239 or 339€ probably one of the best Android phone.

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Good read on the latest Google earnings. I don't necessarily agree with the reasoning on long term projects, but I think the comparison with Amazon is fair. 

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that's awesome...  London Royal Opera streaming a full opera on YouTube.  
We're very excited to be streaming Don Giovanni worldwide via YouTube, as well as relaying it to BP Big Screens across the UK on 3 July

#opera   #music   #youtube  

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I could not agree more. The Nexus 5 remains one of the best smartphone out there. A good simple design, and a great price for a great quality... this needs to happen!

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Demain, l'assemblée nationale se prononcera sur le Projet de Loi relatif au Renseignement. C'est un sujet trop ignoré par les médias, dans la mesure ou c'est complexe et immatériel. 
Heureusement, explique simplement les dangers de ce projet de surveillance de masse, liberticide et inefficace. Renseignez-vous et prenez action!
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