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There are so many beautiful sights to see in the biggest city in Western Texas that having good vision in El Paso is an absolute must. However, good vision is also important because it can seriously hinder the ability for people to do everyday things.  People may not know they need to seek out an eye care professional, but there are signs that will tell them that their eyesight may not be as good as it once was.
Frequent Headaches
One sure sign of vision issues may be getting headaches a lot more frequently than you are used to. The reason people get headaches is that their eyes are trying very hard to focus, and the extra strain is causing a lot of pressure on the eye muscles.
Blurry Vision in El Paso
Sometimes when the eyes get tired, people may experience blurry vision in El Paso. However, if work comes to an end, and you get a good night’s sleep, then the eyes will rest and the blurry vision will be gone. However, if you are getting plenty of rest and your vision does not get any clearer, this is a sign that you need to seek out an eye care professional.
If the lenses in the eyes are not focusing the way they should, people may start to squint in order to clear things up. Sometimes people may not even notice they are squinting until someone points it out to them.
We live in a beautiful city out in the desert, but people who are experiencing problems with vision in El Paso will not be able enjoy the amazing sunsets, and other natural beauty that the Sun City is famous for.  If you have blurry vision, or frequent headaches, you’ll need to find an eye doctor and get your vision checked. Call Eyeland Vision today to schedule an appointment at (915) 821-6800 or come by our office located at 4775 Loma Del Sur

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Need Help Finding Optometrists In El Paso?
When someone moves to the city, they’ll probably need to start looking for Optometrists in El Paso once they need a new prescription for glasses or contact lenses. It is very important to take care of one’s eyes, and finding the right optometrists in El Paso is just one of the many tasks you’ll have to undertake when you move here. Here are some tips:
The American Optometric Association Can Be Helpful
Becoming familiar with everything El Paso has to offer may take time, but finding the right eye doctor might be more time consuming than you bargained for. The American Optometric Association’s website is a great place to begin when looking for optometrists in El Paso. Here you can get a list of every eye doctor in the city, and also read information about them.
Check Your Area For Eye Doctors
As in most places, optometrists in El Paso like to set up their practices close to neighborhoods. If you are new to El Paso, you’ll have to drive around to become familiar with the area and while out and about, you’re likely to find an optometrist that is close to where you live or work making it easier and more convenient.
If you need trustworthy and experienced optometrists in El Paso, Eyeland Vision is the place to go. We are located at 4775 Loma Del Sur and can be reached by phone for an appointment at (915) 821-6800.

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Experiencing vision problems requires examination and finding experienced optical treatment in El Paso. It is important to keep up with the health of your eyes as you age and quickly address any existing conditions that can hinder your quality of life.
In many cases you may suffer from being nearsighted or farsighted or even have an astigmatism, which can easily be treated with the correct prescription and lenses in your eyeglasses or contacts. Weaker vision can also be treated as you age with reading glasses or bifocals as prescribed by your eye doctor.
However, there are circumstances that are less common and can have greater difficulty in resolving such as optic neuritis. In this case a patient will experience inflammation of the optic nerve resulting in sudden reduced vision in the one eye. This type of swelling and inflammation can damage the myelin sheath, which is the surrounding nerve fiber (think of an electrical cord, the rubber protective barrier would be like the myelin sheath protecting our sensitive nerves on the inside).
The cause of this is unclear since there have been multiple diagnoses for why this happens such as multiple sclerosis. You would have to see a regular doctor to locate the root cause. If you experience any sudden loss of vision or pain when you move your eye, seek optical treatment right away.
Please allow our doctors and staff here at Eyeland vision to assist you in the process of diagnosis and optical treatment for whatever level of visual discomfort you are experiencing.
If you would like more information on optical treatment in El Paso, feel free to contact Eyeland Vision today to schedule an appointment with us at (915) 821-6800 or come by our office located at 4775 Loma Del Sur,
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