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The Scottish Business Exhibition
The Scottish Business Exhibition assists the Scottish corporate, mid-market and larger SME businesses.
The Scottish Business Exhibition assists the Scottish corporate, mid-market and larger SME businesses.


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Bundle up out there!
Brrr-itain braced for up to six inches of snow tonight as temperatures dip to -6C
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Who works from home out there? Put your hands up!
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Happy Holidays!! See you in 2013!
Hope you've all recovered from New Start Scotland 2012...We're already working on 2013. Yes, we're that keen. More info to follow. Happy holidays one and all!
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A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to Day 1 of my Google+ talk at the SECC. Appreciate you taking the time...

PS: Hope you enjoy G+ as much as I do! :)

Photo by +Gary Ennis  +New Start Scotland #Scotbizex  
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11:00 AM - "Linked-in: Business Boot Camp!" with Colin Kelly, Social Media Consultant, NSDesign Ltd @colinkelly

12:15 PM  -  "Pinterest: The Fastest Growing Social Network in the World!" with Stephen Whitelaw, Social Media Consultant, Orthic Limited @toowist

1:30 PM - "Google+ : Let’s Hangout!" Thea Newcomb, Digital Marketing Executive, NSDesign Ltd @newthea

2:45 PM   - "The Future of the Social Web: Welcome to a Revolution!" Stephen Whitelaw, Social Media Consultant, Orthic Limited @toowist


11:00 AM - "Manufacturing should not be taxing" with Brian Williamson, Managing Director, Jumpstart

12:15 PM - "Taking the Strain out of Auto Enrolment for you" with Morten Nilsson, Chief Executive, Now: Pensions

1:30 PM  - "Essential Sales Skills – the correct ‘sales formula’ to increase your sales" with Marie Rodgers, Founder & MD, Total Sales Solutions

2:45 PM  - "How to Complete Your First Online Tax Return Business Advisor" with HM Revenue and Customs specialist
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Trade Marks & Branding Intellectual Property Office

Every business owns some form of branding and trademark, this presentation will explain how you can protect your name, logo or slogan.


"Understanding Music Licensing" with Laura Ferguson, Business Relationship Executive, PPL

This seminar aims to educate businesses about PPL and the legal obligation to obtain music licenses if recorded music is played in public on the premises. The session will also highlight the benefits music brings to businesses, and allow guests to put forward questions to PPL’s licensing


"Setting up a Limited Company & the new Companies Act Companies House"

The Companies House team will take you through the process of incorporating a Limited Company and the rules that you will need to abide by. You will be made aware of the newly implemented Companies Act 2006. This new Act will affect everyone who has to deal with Companies House. You will also learn how you can save valuable time and money by dealing with Companies House online.


"How to craft the perfect media release" with Mike Wilson,

It’s not as frightening as you might think and can reap enormous rewards, in terms of publicity. Successful media releases can promote your products, services, people and can help to win customers and position your business as industry leaders.

Writing a media release - to send to newspapers, TV, etc in the hope of attracting media coverage - is easy, when you know how.


"You, self- employment and HMRC" - Business Advisor, HMRC

We explain what you need to know when you become self-employed, how to tell us you’ve started, records to keep, when you’ll need to do a tax return and make payments.


"First Steps as an Employer Business Advisor", HMRC

What you need to know as a new employer- we explain your responsibilities and obligations and the basics of running a payroll.


"Boosting Your Business through effective local marketing" - Christian Petersen, Royal Mail Door to Door

How do you get the best results from leaflet campaigns for your business, and gain valuable insight into consumers. It will cover campaign planning, targeting the most productive postcode sectors, designing your leaflets, using new digital technology to get consumers to your website, and getting the best coverage and delivery. You will see how established businesses work in partnership with Royal Mail to get customers and grow revenue.
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[[Mobile-friendly text version of the Scottish Business Exhibition's Seminar running orders!]]


10:30-11:00 - "Scotland’s Finest" with Jim McColl

One of Scotland’s best know businessmen and entrepreneurs, and, according to The Daily Record Scotland’s richest man! Through a series of acquisitions he has turned Clyde Blowers into a global giant of 90 companies in 30 different countries, employing 6,000 people around the world, with an annual turnover in excess of £1.35 billion.

*11:15-11:45 * - "Delivering Dignity and Security in Retirement" with Nigel Waterson,
Chair of NOW: Pensions Board of Trustees and former Shadow Pensions Minister
The importance of good governance, value for money charges and stable investment returns in ensuring pension funds provide liveable pensions for their members in retirement.


12:00-12:30"Capitalising on the Opportunity" with  Shaf Rasul
Learn how to identify opportunities, evaluate the risk and capitalise on that opportunity before somebody else does. Drive critical mass through growing market share and build successful teams around yourself. Shaf Rasul will teach you how to motivate, organise and delegate.


12:45-13:15 - "Growing a business can be fun (and profitable)" with Simon Biltciffe M.D. Webmart
Marxism isn’t usually a key principle of a successful business, but it is in the case of Webmart, regarded as one of the world leaders in print management. Founder Simon Biltcliffe will share some of his insights in how he made a £10,000 start-up in 1996 to a £35m turnover business today and how he intends to take it to £100m without employing any more people. Covering all areas of running a post- internet era business, there will be a unique insight into the world that we all trade in these days. Thought provoking and cogent it will be, agreeing with him is not guaranteed.


14:15-14:45 - "The Building of a Global Transport Empire" with Sir Brian Souter, Chief Executive of Stagecoach Group Plc
Hailed as a true global entrepreneur he was been awarded a string of business awards and has grown the business to be one of the worlds largest and most respected transport companies. Hear his remarkable story first hand.


15:00-15:30 - "Tikka Look at Me Now" with  Dr Charan Gill
Chairman of The Harlequin Group Best known as the founder and chairman of Cobra Beer, and is also UK Chairman of the Indo British Partnership (IBP) and founding Chairman of the UK India Business. Lord Biliamoria will give you his invaluable insights into building global brands.

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10:30-11:00 - "How to Engage with Your Target Audience and Build your Brand" with Laura Sutherland Managing Director, Aura PR @laurafromaura

Many businesses know they need to communicate with their target market but some do it well and some don’t. Learn how to develop a strategy that suits your audience and gets results.

11:15-11:45 "Business Discovery – The Next Gen of Business Intelligence" with Alistair Livingstone
Managing Director, Eureka Solutions & Alan Miles, Technical Consultant, Eureka Solutions

How Business Discovery tools such as QlikView have shaken up the Business Intelligence marketplace? Business Discovery, or data visualisation, takes BI and reporting to the next level – allowing you to stop guessing and make faster, informed business decisions based on data held in multiple systems across your business. We’ll also touch on the impact of cloud computing on access to critical business data.


12:00-12:30 - "Energy Management – Unlock the Hidden Savings" Roddy Dalziel
Managing Director, RDL Associates

Basic Introduction to energy management covering aspects such as when to buy, who to buy from, how long to fix contracts for, ongoing review, invoice validation, smart metering and serving termination notices. As one of the UK’s leading energy management consultancies RDL Associates will show you how they address these and other issues.


12:45-13:15 - Smart Exporter Entrepreneurial Scottish businesses will speak on the rewards of exporting and how they grew and developed their business internationally with the support of Business Gateway, Scottish Development International and Smart Exporter


13:30-14:00 - "Understanding Music Licensing" with Laura Ferguson,
 Business Relationship Executive, PPL

This seminar aims to educate businesses about PPL and the legal obligation to obtain music licenses if recorded music is played in public
on the premises. The session will also highlight the benefits music brings to businesses, and allow guests to put forward questions to PPL’s licensing experts.


14:15-14:45 - "Using Collaboration for Competitive Advantage" with Helen Samworth @helensamworth
Product Manager, m-hance Social Business

With 75 % of CEOs rating collaboration as the most desirable quality in their staff just how do businesses enable it in a safe and easy to use environment? Can social enterprise networking technology be used to serve business objectives and if so, where do you start? In this session Helen Samworth, Product Manager for m-hance Social Business teams up with Brian McBurnie, IT Manager at early adopter client Wallaces Express to discuss their innovate approach to improving collaboration (and with it efficiency) and the trials and tribulations along the way.


15:00 - 15:30  - Private Medical Insurance the business case Paul Johnson National Sales Manager, General & Medical The seminar will revisit the benefits of Private Healthcare and examine the real business benefits enjoyed by employers who offer their staff Private Medical Insurance as part of an overall employee benefits package.
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There are still some vouchers left for the FREE BREAKFAST before the exhibition. For Thursday they're nearly all gone - so have a go and get one for Friday why don't you? :)

#FreeBrekkie #Scotbizex #NewStartScot  
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