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I have stopped using Google Plus (I almost never used it in the first place, actually).  The reason is that Google now forcibly adds the birthdays of every single person in my "circles" to my Google Calendar, which was too much for me.  I tried to unsubscribe to the Birthday calendar, but they don't let you unsubscribe.  Welcome to the Hotel Google Plus....  

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Nothing new, but good reminder and well said.

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Did you know that the breadline in America is 15,577 miles long (25,069 km)? Here is the calculation

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Sounds like a microscopic version of happens in the mainstream media every single day. Just bury the story with some other useless story. Keep the masses occupied, pacified, under-jobbed, over indebted, under insured, closed minded, fighting amongst themselves, etc. Works like a charm! :)

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Counterpoint: [E]conomist Paul Krugman's chief criticism was bitcoin's inherent tendency to stoke deflation and encourage hoarding.

He summed it up: "What we want from a monetary system isn't to make people holding money rich; we want it to facilitate transactions and make the economy as a whole rich. And that's not at all what is happening in bitcoin."

But whether bitcoins succeed in the long term or not, they have proved to the world that governments are not a prerequisite for a usable currency. Exchange rate crashes notwithstanding, thousands of transactions continue to take place in bitcoins and thousands of people are happily mining more of them every day.

Ok, Google, you win. I will try + since you killed Reader for my use case, which was where I saved and tagged articles and other content of interest for possible future reference by simply clicking on one of the hundreds of tags I have built up in Greader over the years and that you have now shit on. Thanks :)
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