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Halo 4's graphics are without a doubt superior. It has better lighting and particle effects, better textures, and far more detail in every way. On the other hand, I just don't like how 343 Ind. designed this map. The ground looks so much more dusty, the mountains lack their usual snow caps, and the map as a whole doesn't look as lush as it did in Halo 3. Halo 3 has better art direction and style and does a better job of creating an atmosphere with some ambiance and mood.  As far as the audio goes, I don't like the overall loudness of the vehicles in Halo 4. They sound much more harsh and far different than normal. Halo 3's audio in terms of weapon sound effects and explosions is blown away by Halo 4 though. Halo 4's sound much more realistic and have a more visceral sense of power behind them. All things considered, I prefer Halo 3's map, Valhalla, to Halo 4's, Ragnarok, but it's nonetheless a great remake of an outstanding map.