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Dragonfly Tales by Vicki
What will she come up with today?
What will she come up with today?

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Shop Shoplet for Your Office Supply Needs!
Hi, I recently had the privilege of reviewing: Pentel Retractable Gel Pens   as well as: Pentel Mechanical Drafting Pencils .  Both of these great products were provided to me by Shoplet.   ( If you haven't yet heard of Shoplet, let me tell ya, you want to ...

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Hair Straightener Brush Review
Helllloo! Thank you for stopping by!   We appreciate your continued support. :) I am fairly certain most of you have seen or at least heard about the newest hair tool craze; the straightener brush. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to review on...

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Premium Gold Beauty Bar 24k Lift Bar Review
Hello All, I hope today finds you well! We are doing great here.  Fabrizzio's favorite soccer team is playing tonight, so we are all geared up for that; jersey and all! Today's review is a beaut!  Not only does this Lift Bar make my face feel softer, but it...

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Loupe Led Magnifying Glass with Light
 Hello, I hope today finds you well!  We are doing well, except for the concern over all the earthquakes in Ecuador.   Todays review is for a LED magnifying glass. I was just floating through life, enjoying the scenery and one
day.. BAM.. I could not read ...

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RIM Sports Knee Sleeve
Hello! I hope today finds you well.   I have become very familiar with the knee support sleeve I am reviewing for you today! company photo  I have a "mysterious" knee pain that extends all the way down to my toes. :(  .  Lab work, and x-rays are fine, so a ...

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Don't go to the gym without these!
Hello! Going to the gym...  it is a love/hate relationship for me!  After I get there, it's all good.  But, getting motivated to go... HARD!  At one time, I had a personal trainer, that helped me go regularly, because I had an "appointment" to keep.   It di...

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Why did I stay tethered to that short phone cord for soooo long???
Hi, I hope you all are doing well!  We are doing great!  :)  We appreciate your continued support.  You do matter!  When you follow our blog you help us to continue to get great products to review.  So; THANK YOU! Most of us have at least one cell phone, or...

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A lil picnic set for two - so cute!
Helllooo everyone! I hope you are having a lovely day!  Sometimes people have to look deep to find something great about some days, but there is usually some little ray of sunshine somewhere!   Todays review is a darling little picnic set for two.   company...

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What is a Marimos Ball... anyways? Discount Code included!
Hi! If you have been or are from Japan, you no doubt know what Marimo Moss Balls are.  If, like me, you haven't a clue... well I'm agonna tell ya! Marimo Moss Balls are just that!  Moss that grows in the shape of a ball.                                     ...

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We can't have enough WATCHES!!!
Hi Everyone! If it rains any more today, I may have to get a boat!  I do love hearing the rain on the roof, though.  It makes for a good sleeping in day.  Which is what we did.  ;) Fabrizzio loves watches, so I was pleased to have the chance to review this ...
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