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I didn't feel the need to post this on the anniversary of the worst terrorism attack on our nation's soil. However, it must be considered that on that day, the terrorists did, in fact, score a massive victory and our country has been markedly changed for the worse.

We lost a huge amount of our civil liberties at the hands of ever-increasing government and it's not likely we will ever see them returned peacefully. The last two administrations have been two of the worst for increasing government overreach and control over our everyday lives.

We have the TSA, unfathomable government surveillance on our innocent citizens, and a perpetual state of undeclared war in multiple nations in violation of international law and morality. The list goes on, but those are more than enough for those concerned about liberty to be seething with anger, yet the people accept it.

The only difference between the democrat and republican parties is the way in which they wish to control you. But make no mistake, they both want limitless control over you regardless of the words they craft to convince you to vote for them.

A final thought: there is no morally or ethically acceptable circumstance in which to initiate the use of force or fraud upon another individual, group, or nation. It's time we actually consider that when we elect our leaders, and when we watch how they govern.

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Nail on the head. 

There is a special place for people who prey on the elderly. I want to post this to get the word out to anyone who doesn't know about it.

Today, my grandmother answered the phone and was greeted by scum in human form. She was told her grandson was in jail in Canada on drug charges and needed $1200 wired immediately.

Fortunately, my grandfather was with her and called my father to verify the situation. Unfortunately, she was still visibly upset even after seeing me.

Please, inform elderly friends and family of this horrible scam. I know it may be hard for them to understand how evil people can be, but you could help prevent a loss of a great deal of money, or for our loved ones in bad health, a heart attack.

Is anyone else using Klout? It's a bit of online vanity but I'm curious. 

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Food, American style: extreme!

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Do this!

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I have a great Canon EOS lens for sale. The 70-200mm f/2.8 IS USM lens is a spectacular item.  It's in excellent condition and includes all the accessories that came in the box (lens hood, tripod ring, front and rear lens caps, soft case).  

I had purchased it for a few particular instances and haven't used it much since.  I would like it to go to a good home and am willing to negotiate a good price that will make it a good deal for both myself and the buyer.

I've attached a link to the lens on B&H for reference purposes only.  Let me know if you are interested, or if you know someone who may be.  Thanks!

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This is the oldest compressed gas cylinder I have seen that is still in service. It passed a hydrostatic test even though it was made in 1918. That was the oldest stamp I could find, but I suppose it could have an older illegible mark. 

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We have launched Person Finder to help people caught in the explosions in Boston. Learn more.
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