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Peter Szaro

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My life. Now on YouTube.

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Recently, I have been doing some keyword searching in my Gmail and was discovering dated unread emails. These emails had no label assigned to them. It got me curious to find all emails in my account with that status. Turns out, I had over 10,400 emails going back to 2009! After searching through some of them, none were critical. Not sure how they were put in the state. So to prevent this from happening again, I created a Google Script to label such emails, so I deal with them accordingly. Following script will find email threads that are not in the Inbox, unread and with no user defined label.

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Email is a double edge sword. Some people drown in it, others excel in it. While it has taken me years to get a grip on my daily email ritual, I have taken control of it. The emails lingering in my inbox function as working to-do lists of sorts. If it’s in my inbox, I need to deal with it. More often that not, prior to me calling it a day, I have zero emails in my inbox! How to do obtain this? Read below for more details…
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