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Very cool - I've always liked Enlightenment's clean desktop - glad to see more updates and scheduling of them.
I just remember the first time I saw EL ... back in Conectiva Linux days. EL always seemed to me more like a piece of art then a visual ambiance... good to see you guys focused on the toolkit =D

Love it !
Nice :) By the way the EFL-Webkit and Eve seems to be a bit stagnant. Have you thought about an alternative more light-weight (and C-only) alternative such as Netsurf ( for an EFL-based browser? Pulling out GTK and putting in EFL should give a very light browser indeed :)
that isn't going to make development happen more. :) reality is the webkit support for efl etc. is pretty decent. just eve needs attention and thats simply a question of people being busy on other priorities. netsurf doesnt' make the people less busy :)
True :) just thought that it might be less complex code to play with compared to webkit :) And it would be very light weight and work on systems without c++ (although they are few)
There's nothing but time and energy keeping the world from having both. :-)
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