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And EFL's Evas canvas library draws it's first Rectangle in Wayland !!
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Eh, it's a start. I have it doing images now, and the canvas library portion is very near completion. Next step is to port ecore/ecore_x stuff to Wayland, then we can actually have efl apps running :) Glad people like it tho !! :D - Cheers, devilhorns
Wasn't trying to insult anyone...just saying it's only a start :)
Quite a few people run enlightenment on Ubuntu....
Well, I congratulate them on their choice of desktop environments :) but their distro choice leaves a lot to be desired ;)
sigh and this is why the terrorists (windows) win.
mint users bashing ubuntu users....what's the point? are you an employee of Microsoft?
So if someone is intelligent and fully capable of running Debian or whatever idealistic nonsense you're running then their brain will explode if they install Ubuntu for the ease of use?
Well idiots are idiots, doesn't matter what OS they use or where they are either. I'm sorry if all of the people you know that use Ubuntu are idiots, but it does not mean that everyone that uses Ubuntu is an idiot, basic logic here..
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