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I’m sorry that what I taught you about human rights and civil rights can provide no comfort or protection from the ignorance and fear that fuels the hate you experience daily.

You have quite an insightful mind so I would not be surprised if you wonder at the irony of the upcoming Christmas celebrations when there will be images of Mary everywhere.

Mary, with her head covered, fleeing persecution, seeking shelter.

Lizanne Foster

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You could hardly catch your breath last week with the #FeesMustFall protests in South Africa. For a while, after #RhodesFell, we feared that identity politics would swallow and spit out the loose a…

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I wonder when the architects of the new curriculum from the Ministry of Education last spent any time in a classroom. I’m genuinely curious to know this since it’s not clear to me that they have an...

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Specific references to 10am start on starting on bottom of page 8 and going on to page 9 of this report:…/kelley-et-al-s…
ADDING MOVEMENT TO CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES…/PUBLICATIONS_fil…/Tine%202014.pdf…/article/pii/S0091743511000521…/10.1080/08924562.2007.10590756…
Hillman, Charles H., Darla M. Castelli, and Sarah M. Buck. "Aerobic fitness and neurocognitive function in healthy preadolescent children." Medicine and science in sports and exercise 37.11 (2005): 1967.
When I wrote this in February this year, some comments claimed that I was wrong about  the need for a later start to the school day for teens. This is research that supports my claims.

TEACHING WITH THE BRAIN IN MIND…/Study%20Guide%20BTT%20for%2021st%20Cen…
Spaced Learning…/10.3…/fnhum.2013.00589/full

Lizanne Foster

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Lizanne Foster originally shared:
I got a goat for Christmas once. It came with a bottle of wine. I enjoyed the wine but didn’t actually see the goat because it was sent on my behalf to a family who really needed its milk to survive. I thought about the family and the goat while listening…
I got a goat for Christmas once. It came with a bottle of wine. I enjoyed the wine but didn’t actually see the goat because it was sent on my behalf to a family who really needed its milk to surviv...

Lizanne Foster

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Home, by Warsan Shire 

no one leaves home unless
home is the mouth of a shark.

you only run for the border
when you see the whole city 
running as well.

your neighbours running faster 
than you, the boy you went to school with
who kissed you dizzy behind 
the old tin factory is
holding a gun bigger than his body,
you only leave home
when home won't let you stay.

no one would leave home unless home 
chased you, fire under feet, 
hot blood in your belly.
Somali-British poet Warsan Shire's meditation on what it means to be a refugee.

Lizanne Foster

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I wish I could get excited about the new curriculum from the BC Ministry of Education, I really do. I wish I could believe all the hoopla about how the new curriculum is going to prepare our studen...

Lizanne Foster

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When I was a child, my Aunt Alma taught me how to read.  I still remember the flashcard for ‘red’ written in perfect teacher penmanship.  Of course, learning to read happened years after my toddler...

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Dear Ken, In my last letter, I wondered how teachers would respond to the questions I pose to my students to guide them through an exploration of their inner worlds. I wonder about this a lot becau...

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Dear Ken Robinson, I want to acknowledge your tweet this past February about my Change from the Inside blog post having the same theme as your new book, Creative Schools. I was flattered and honour...
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