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[Transferred over from Reddit, a few minor details and the origin story were changed slightly]

Name: Mohan Dante Sharma

Codename: Eagleclaw

Age & Appearance: 22 years old, slight, wiry, dark-skinned youth of mixed Indian & Mediterranean lineage. He’s a good-looking kid, but is socially awkward (and a bit of a nerd).

Breakthrough Abilities: Merlin type, B- or C-class in power level in terms of immediate effect capabilities, though over time (hours and days) his effectiveness at a given task can become quite impressive (at least A-class), and the scope of what he can accomplish with his abilities is nearly limitless. His abilities revolve around nature/Druidic magic and healing/survival. He can manipulate nature and things in nature, but not in a crazy/wild/extreme manner; see many examples below.

Origin Story: A nerdy kid and a bookworm, Mohan was an avid D&D player. His favorite character class to play was a Druid, mostly because he loved animals, but was not allowed to have a pet of his own; his character always had an extraordinary familiar. He was very bright for his age, skipping ahead a couple of grades, entering 9th grade at the tender age of 13. Endlessly bullied, things got worse when he moved to a new school in the tenth grade, in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in western North Carolina. Things came to a head when Mohan mouthed off to the wrong kid; the bully and his friends cornered him the following day after class and dragged him deep into the foothills where they beat him and left him a bloody mess on the ground. There his breakthrough happened and he survived two cold, rainy late-autumn nights, unknowingly drawing strength from the world around him to heal himself and stave off the elements. His breakthrough remained undiscovered until he was 16 when, after graduating from high school, he ran away from home rather than following the course of education that his parents wanted for him. Living off the land, he gradually came to understand that the amazing things that happened to him in the wilderness were actually under his control.

Examples of Breakthrough Abilities:

personal survival

• self-healing - Mohan can heal himself from almost any injury, including reattaching limbs (which he found out the hard way, after losing a large chunk of his foot once)

- healing can take a long time depending upon the extent of the injury, and is not free from pain (though once he’s stabilized, he can focus on blocking the pain before continuing with the healing)

- he can't come back from the dead, but if he’s bleeding out, he could try to stem the flow of blood loss long enough to prevent death, allowing his extraordinary healing capabilities to repair the original damage

- he can cure a disease within himself, and rid his body of poisons

- his healing is accelerated if he is in direct contact with nature, e.g. on the ground in the woods, or in a stream, or even on a lawn

• he can breathe smoke or acrid fumes as if it were fresh air; he can breathe underwater

• he can eat spoiled or even poisonous food, and drink contaminated water, though there’s really no need to

• he can operate for days or weeks without rest or eating or drinking by pulling in energy from his surroundings, which makes some extraordinary accomplishments a possibility, as he focuses his entire being non-stop on the task at hand

• he can withstand bitter cold or oppressive heat without suffering ill-effects

• he can survive normal-level fires (e.g. forest fires) with relative ease (could probably withstand a blast furnace with additional mental preparation)

environmental manipulation/control

• he can raise or lower the water table, or locate water, but cannot create a river out of nothing; he can divert the path of flowing water over time (a small creek could be done almost immediately, a shallow stream over the course of several hours, though anything deeper than a few feet or wider than 20-25 feet would take many days to divert); if done properly, methodically, the effects could be permanent

• similarly, he can clear away rubble, or shore up a tunnel, assuming there is existing material to shift around; he can carve out a cave from a mountainside, though he best be careful about its structural integrity

• he can locate specific minerals or elements, e.g. a coal deposit, but could not create coal (at least not without spending a couple of decades concentrating on that one task); he did take a large lump of natural coal once and compress it into a crude diamond over the course of five weeks of non-stop effort

• he can find a path in the woods, or shift existing paths, accelerating growth or decay as necessary; the larger the area, the longer it takes (so, for example, he could have helped shield a handful of people or maybe a car during the Green Man attack, but could not have done anything to stem the tide over a large area, though if he were to have been dropped into the Green Man’s epicenter, things might have gotten interesting)

• he can divert incoming lightning into the ground, or perhaps an adversary, but could not amplify the current or otherwise modify the charge; over an extended period of time he could, perhaps, pull together a charge out of the surrounding environs, but it wouldn’t be something he could do in the middle of a fight, unless he were standing next to a power line

• he can smother a fire over time depending on its size; something like a campfire could be done almost instantly, a bonfire over a few minutes, but a building fire would take him hours to do

• weather control - he cannot create something from nothing, but can exacerbate conditions; he could create mist from a cloudy day, strengthen/lessen existing winds, but he could not create a hurricane on a sunny day, or whip up a tornado in otherwise calm conditions

• he can adjust the surrounding ambient temperature by up to a dozen degrees, with the area affected being limited to the size of a very large house; with sustained concentration he can vary the temperature to a larger degree, or expand the size of the area, but both tasks become progressively harder

• he can help clean up environmental waste, which can be a very long effort, depending on the extent of the damage

• he can pass through a natural area without leaving a trace (e.g. in woods or a field)

• he can blend into the surroundings in nature, to the point where he cannot be found by infravision, if he concentrates

• he has tried walking on water with mixed results, but feels he could do it with practice


• he can heal animals of non-fatal injuries (more damage == longer time healing); he has not tried healing humans, but in theory it should be possible

• he can “communicate” with animals, though not with actual words - it’s more of an understanding of their current drive; he can also impart feelings/basic directions to the animal

• he can calm animals down, an animal whisperer

• he can summon or disperse nearby wildlife, e.g. calling up a swarm of bees (assuming they’re nearby), or herding a gaggle of geese; in a fit of homesickness, he once organized a murmur of migrating birds into a likeness of his parents

he can summon a staff

• originally used for hiking, it quickly progressed to become a defensive and then offensive tool

• he can manipulate the size, shape, strength, and density of the staff, making it a potent weapon against non-super-durable opponents

• over time, as he has “trained” with the staff, he has subconsciously manipulated his own body, enhancing his physical strength, agility, and reaction capabilities to have a Athleticism of Superb, and a Physique of Great.


• he has a three and a half year old familiar named Merlin, a male golden eagle that he found as a fledgling

• he raised it and nurtured it, and over time he has subconsciously changed it to be smarter (capable of mind-to-mind simple speech), and more durable (becoming stronger, and larger than normal)

• their bonding is one of mutual respect and admiration; he does not control Merlin, Merlin has chosen to stay with him

• he can see through Merlin’s eyes (this just happened recently when Merlin spotted some panicked livestock, but couldn’t figure out how to explain it to Mohan, so he just let Mohan see for himself)

Activities Since Breakthrough: Since realizing his breakthrough, Mohan has kept himself fairly isolated, usually hiking up and down the Appalachian Trail, making several round trips each year. He prefers to spend as little time as possible in urban areas, as he feels completely disconnected from nature while there, which is highly unsettling. Mohan does not generally work on a team, instead preferring to help out the wildlife and townsfolk within a day’s walk from the trail. He is not above helping out when requested, though, and he reluctantly joined in with the Roanoke CAI team when the Big One hit, spending most of his time locating survivors and then stabilizing their environs until help could reach them (he was reluctant to join in because of the urban location, not because he was unwilling to help). He was less useful during the Mississippi floods, though, as his abilities just didn’t lend themselves to the situation. As his reputation grew he was actively recruited by two different eco-terrorist groups, but he firmly declined them both, believing that two wrongs do not a right make. Finally, he regularly plays with a D&D group in the Roanoke area whenever he’s around; he plays a straight-up fighter.


• Alertness: +8 / Legendary / B-class in the Wilderness, +1 / Average in Urban environments

• Athleticism: +5 / Superb

• Physique: +4 / Great

• Discernment: +3 / Good

• Willpower: +4 / Great

• Presence: 0 / Mediocre (mostly in regards to his social awkwardness)
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