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The Miners
Game created with Multimedia Fusion 2
Game created with Multimedia Fusion 2

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Hello All! Game has been finally released and is available to buy on Steam store.

I think it is worth to mention game supports Steam achievements and cloud. I have in my plans to setup Workshop so players can share in the future with additional content (like maps, miner's races etc) that they will create.

There is also a demo available there, if you haven't a chance to try it earlier.

Hope, you will like it! Please feel free to share your thoughts about it here in comments, on Steam or by sending me an email.

Below is a link to a Steam store:

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Big day for Miners is coming soon! Actually, on October 4th :D Please check below link, which will redirect you to Steam store!

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OMG! OMG! This will be short news, but what news! I have just received email from Steam that The Miners has been... approved! :D Of course that doesn't mean that game will be available on Steam soon. I have to go through all paperwork first...

But today... I'm celebrating :)

Thank you for your votes!

BTW. This "greenlight" at the top of my site on Steam looks fantastic :D

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Hello! I thought about this quite a long time, but finally I decided to try and make a demo version of The Miners. I was worried about successfully limit my game without any injury to game code, but I think I manged to do this.

The Miners Demo contains 2 playable races and 2 maps (+tutorial map). Additionally some achievements have been allowed. It provides good view on a gameplay before you make a final decision to buy a game.

You can download it at IndieDB on below link. Hope you will like it!


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If you have chance please visit my small portfolio website. You can find there two other games that I created some time ago, but what is more important for today, there are two widgets that allow to buy The Miners:

1. Humble Bundle widget (NEW)
2. Indie Game Stand widget

So, if you were not able to purchase game at IGS, you can do this through HB now.


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Ok boys and girls! It is a time to grab good shovel or pickaxe and dig some tunnels in your mine! Mine deeper and deeper looking for precious gems and other resources like gold or silver. Do you know what does it mean?

Yes! Game is finally officially released! :D

You can buy it on Indie Game Stand store, or by using buy widget placed on my newly created small portfolio website. I encourage you to use this second option as simply more % of the price will reach me.

Hope you will have so much fun playing my game as I while working on it.


1. Buy game at Indie Game Stand:

2. Buy game at my website using widget:

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It happened!

Finally, after more than 4 years of development, I submitted The Miners on Steam Greenlight! I spent lot of my free time to finish this game and to polish it as much as I can. I'm very happy from the final effect and hope that players, users of Steam, will appreciate my work. Hope... no... I believe, that they will and vote as "Yes"! I'm sure, that some day all of us will see The Miners on Steam store!

If you like my game please support it on Greenlight. If you can, please share this post so it can reach to bigger audience. Thank you very much in advance!

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I have great news! Game... is… finished! Yes, yes, yes!

Last thing that was missing in the game was music. I needed more than 10 tracks which will create atmosphere of the game. That was the most important to me. Atmosphere. Of course music should be catchy and nice to hear (so players will not turn it off once find out this possibility in game options ;) ).  Should be also professionally made.

I was looking for a quite long time for a someone who will be able to create soundtrack for my game (and who would like to do this!). Luckily, finally I found composer, Patryk Scelina, who was happy to help me. Patryk is a great guy, who created a great music. It has all characteristics that I listed above (in my opinion of course). Each track is different, but all of them together creates coherent whole. I’m sure you will enjoy it while playing. If you are looking for music to your own projects please visit his website - there is a lot of amazing soundtracks (

So, yes, game is finally completed. Below you can see newest official trailer. It has final graphics, sounds and of course music. With small exception… it does not show all gems, that were created very recently.

I’m sure, now you will ask: “if game is finished where I can download it”? Well, currently... nowhere. Next week I’m going to submit my game to Steam Greenlight. Of course I will let you know when this happen. Hope, you will support me there!

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About 2 weeks ago I thought that it would be really nice, if there will be more gems to find in the game. I draw few just for test and... I liked it! So, I created more and more, and now each graphic set has its own gems to mine and sell.

See attached screens to see how they all looks!
New gems
13 Photos - View album

Game itself is almost finished. I mean all game code, graphics and gameplay are final and will not change anymore (well... on 99,9% ;)) I think I can say: Yep! Finally!

Another thing that I can "mark as done"... are sound effects! As I was not able to prepare them myself, they were created by Bartosz Gajdarski from Bartosz did a great job here and I can recommend him to anyone who looks for sounds for their games.

It looks like project will be completed... soon.
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