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A childs innocence.
Innocence. Why does it make me cry when I look at my son and see how innocent he is. When he offers to help me when I am down or ill. When he gladly helps clean with me. When he plays alone. When he smiles. When he laughs. And when he says "I love you." Inn...

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Where do all the good people go?
    Where are all the good people going? Seems lately every time I talk to someone or log on to some social media website I hear of someone's passing. Funny thing is it seems to be all the good people. The people who put up a strong courageous battle with c...

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Why do we have to depend on SO much technology?
Now don't get me wrong. When I was a teen and a young adult I was into all the newest gadgets. When beepers were cool I had 2. Yeah 2. I know. Don't ask. I also had all the newest stereo equipment, car equipment and you name it. I had it. I worked  damn har...

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Since when have we become such a selfish society?
Since when has the world started to seem so full of cold-hearted, non-understading people? Over the years I have just learned to deal with ignorance. Just keeping my mouth shut when I hear or see people who are just plain rude. Specially to me. But honestly...

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A survey of questions from Dan Curtis
Dan Curtis ~ Professional Personal Historian Preserving Memories Is an Act of Love Skip to content Home Code of Ethics Important Notice View Sample Clips About Dan Blog Testimonials How does it work? Contact Dan FAQ ← Monday’s Link Roundup. From the Archive...

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What's the point of all those genetic tests?
About a week ago when I went to visit my Obgyn she went over various tests that I could have done before my baby arrives in just about 28 weeks from tomorrow. Of course there are the normal blood tests and urine test I have to do each visit to make sure I a...

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Ignorance the norm or what?
Today I went to the gas station and ended up being in a line waiting that extended to the street. I waited patiently. So now we are actually moving along and the car in front of me pulls into the side parking area on the lot. The place where cars park when ...
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