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It's Bruiseday: The Hardy Boys situation is an ugly but all too familiar mess in pro wrestling's endless wars over creative control. But even there, Impact Wrestling is behaving especially poorly.

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I wrote about the sense of touch, permanency, and the unalienated labor of small crafts for Waypoint, ie why I keep painting miniatures like a madman lately.

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A eulogy for George Steele

It's Bruiseday. Bray Wyatt is the latest in an old tradition of occult weirdo bad guys. 

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It's Bruiseday: let's compare Cena to Flair, whose record for world title reigns he just tied

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Get some Royal Rumble review. Despite some pacing issues in the main, it was a really good show

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For Paste: Trailer Park Boys is one of the most sexually liberated shows on television.

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I love after action reports
Action Movie World: SUPERVOLCANO!

We played some Action Movie World last Friday and had a blast with...SUPERVOLCANO!

This was my first PbtA game that I GMed. I was lucky to have another player that ran a bunch of PbtA games so he helped me a bit, as did all the players who were awesome at taking narrative control and doing over-the-top stuff with it. They really got into the whole cheesy-action genre and the game flowed smoothly.

We did as suggested and moved from one scene to another very quickly. At one point the group was trapped on a rooftop surrounded by lava and the next they were flying through the air with the Lead Actor hanging on the bottom of a helicopter with a group of elementary school kids in his grasp, hanging onto him for dear life.

The Actor Playbooks chosen were the Old Codger, the Thespian, the Smartass and the Child Actor. The Smartass was the Lead in the Disaster Movie Script that the players chose, I picked it to be a Volcano Disaster Movie.

The player of the Smartass said his character was Terry Crews...freakin' perfect! At one point the Smartass/Terry Crews just erupted from his shirt, revealing his massive physique! It was epic!

There were plenty of one liners..."Don't mess with Mother Nature".... "That's OK ladies, I have two arms."... "We'll be far away, you won't have to see them die." All hilariously delivered by the Lead.

Plenty of action! The above mentioned helicopter rescue, a giant grizzly bear fight, characters hanging over lava and a narrow escape on a plane that involved a last second grab of a fruit roll-up! Oh did I mention we even had product placement!!!

There was even some Drama as the Thespian's Dead Beat Dad character professed his love for the Child Actor's character...his daughter he left years ago. Of course he did this as he died in an explosion to help with the characters' escaped! The Child Actor's character was on the escaping plane and turned her head at the last moment so she wouldn't witness her dad's fiery death...the glare of the explosion lighting up the plane window by her seat, a single tear rolled down her ash covered cheek.

Really had a great time with this. I was laughing so hard at one point I was in tears! The players really brought this game to life can't wait for the next installment when the Child Actor gets to pick the movie.

The above picture is of the sheets I made for my group. I just redesigned the look of them is all. It's all the same text just a different look. No offense meant to original graphic designer. Sometimes I redesign the look of a game, it helps with my retention of the game and I need all the help I can get.

If you haven't tried out this game you need to!!!

#actionmovieworld #amw #pbta
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