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Sue Kenney
The Camino Coach. Speaker. Author. Pilgrim. Entrepreneur.
The Camino Coach. Speaker. Author. Pilgrim. Entrepreneur.

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I've been barefoot all day and love it. Here's a post on kids and barefooting. #barefootkids #barefooting #barebottomshoes 

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Camino Intention Stones
My offer to you from the Way in Spain.

Dearest Family, Friends and pilgrims in life. As I embark on my 20th Camino, a great honour where I now walk for the world I'd once again like to extend an offer to each of you. If you've read My Camino or heard me speak,you likely know the story of the Sorrow Stones. My gift to you is to offfer to pick up a stone while I walk, place an intention in it, and put it down to hand it over to the beautiful energy of the Camino and the millions who walked before me, to manifest it. PM or reply here or email whatever Intention you would desire. It could be for yourself, for someone else or for the world. It can be specific or general. Each request will be honoured during my pilgrimage. Love and light from my soul to yours.
Sole to soul.
Sue #groupcamino #walkthecamino#intentions #sorrowstones #spain#santiago #barefoot-pilgrim

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Absolutely thrilled to read all these articles on the benefits of barefooting. It's natural, it's free and it's liberating. It's also healing. #motherearth #earthing #barefoot #howtowearbarefeet +Barebottom Shoes

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Love this clip we just found of Jordan Taylor from Huntsville School of Ballet dancing in BB shoes Red neoprene at the Orillia Dance Festival. #barefootdanceshoes #barefootshoes #barefoot #barebottomshoes #solelessshoes #dancer

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He's 50 years old and finished the Boston Marathon in 3:40:43, barefoot of course. #runningbarefoot @barebottomshoes #natural

I'm working in my home office in my +Barebottom Shoes. So liberating. #barefoot #barebottoms #barefootshoes #homeoffice

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There's a new Camino documentary that's launching at Hot Docs in TO. A group of us are going on Sunday April 23 at 3:45 pm screening. Get your ticket for $8.00 if you book that screening. Use Promo Code MYCAMINO. #caminodocumentary #strangersontheearth #hotdocs #walkthecamino

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My Mindo Camino has ended and now a new journey begins with snow! I'm in my Barefeet and it's a bit cold. I'm not accustomed to being in cold weather as I've been in Ecuador. I couldn't resist going out. If you haven't put your feet on the snow yet go outside and try it for 10 seconds. Share your pictures so there will see how fun it is. Wake up some of the 100,000 sensory nerve receptors on the sole of each foot. They will help you balance and avoid falls. Get invigorated and feel alive by putting your bare feet in the snow! 👣 They stop working if you wear shoes all the time!!! Wake them up by stepping in cold snow before it's gone. They send info to your brain about the environment your feet are in...if its cold the brain can adapt the systems in the body to stay warm! #extroreceptors #getstrong #mybarefootcamino #barefootwriter #howtowearbarefeet #snowinspring #barefootinsnow #washago #lakecouchiching
#barefootinsnow #snowga #howtowearbarefeet #mymindocamino

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I don't think it might be, I think barefooting is an essential element to optimal health!👣
#barefootwalking #optimalhealth #barefootrunning #barefoothealth #howtowwearbarefeet@barebottomshoes
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